Never be like them


15. Calum and his breakdown

ASHTONS POV: "YOU DID WHAT" "we're sorry" they say "no i don't care right now we gotta go find Calum" I say running through the doors. There I turn to see Calum sitting on the ground. Crying harder then ever with something in his hand. As I walk closer.. I realize it's a blade.

Without thinking I run up to Calum, take the blade and through it god knows where "ASHTON IM SO SORRY I CANT BELIEVE I SAID THAT TO YOU NONE OF IT WAS TRUE" he says crying harder. "It's ok, ur not out of the band and I forgive u, I wasn't mad at you in the first place" I say sitting Down beside him. " wow man, I'm so sorry.. Didn't know anybody else loved her as much as I do"

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