A New Kind of Power

Hannah is a 11 year old girl who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, 2 months ago her parents died in a hurricane while she was on a field trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Sister Alana, her orphanage director, has a sister in Britain who work at a mysterious school in London, and she is coming to visit. Suddenly she is moving to london, what she doesn't realize is she has power beyond any other. A new criminal is on the loose, she soon finds out that she may be the only one who can stop him.


7. Trouble

I ran around Diagonal ally getting the rest of the stuff I need. Once I think I have everything I reread my letter. "Hey, can I get a pet?" I ask the lady. She agrees and takes me to a pet shop, witch is  filled with hooting owls, purring cats, scary snakes and a whole lot more. I walk around the shop deciding which one I want. At first I thought an owl would be best since I could send letters, but then I remembered I don't have anyone to sent letters to. I left the owls and headed over to the cats, I looked around until I saw him. It was the most beautiful cat ever, it was so small and had a fluffy coat of soft grey hair, but most weird about this cat was the three white dots that where under his left eye. I picked him up and paid for him. "What's his name?" Asked the strange lady. "Hugo," I replied, " little Hugo,"



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