A New Kind of Power

Hannah is a 11 year old girl who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, 2 months ago her parents died in a hurricane while she was on a field trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Sister Alana, her orphanage director, has a sister in Britain who work at a mysterious school in London, and she is coming to visit. Suddenly she is moving to london, what she doesn't realize is she has power beyond any other. A new criminal is on the loose, she soon finds out that she may be the only one who can stop him.


1. "The Unknown

      Two Months Ago: 9:15am

" You mean to tell me you got another D!" said my mom.

" This needs to stop, so untill it does, you are grounded!" huffed my dad.

"But I have a vollenteering session at Reptile World!"

We hear a noise outside... My face is hot, a tree crashes into the kitchen! "It's a hurricane!" shouts dad and I rush to my bathroom and without thinking, I lock the door. My parents are pounding on the door and suddenly a tree branch flew through the wall and hits me in the head. The room is spinning and I am being swallowed by darkness...


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