A New Kind of Power

Hannah is a 11 year old girl who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, 2 months ago her parents died in a hurricane while she was on a field trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Sister Alana, her orphanage director, has a sister in Britain who work at a mysterious school in London, and she is coming to visit. Suddenly she is moving to london, what she doesn't realize is she has power beyond any other. A new criminal is on the loose, she soon finds out that she may be the only one who can stop him.


3. My New Excellent Life?

Okay, this old wrinkly lady just walked up to me!😯

The lady turns to me, " Hello, I am Minerva Magonacal, I am Alana's sister, I am a professor at Hogwarts, the school you will be transferring to."

" Okay,I am not going anywhere."

She takes me by the hand and fearfully looks around," We must hurry!" 

I drift off to sleep on the train...Wait how did I even get on the train!😨 This lady is beyond wierd or crazy!

I don't know what is happening, I just know we are moving fast. Mavinera macontosh, or whatever her name is, has a stick out snd boxes moving towards her. I check my watch, it is 9:17, exactly 64 days since my parents died. Some of the kids at the orphanage said I was the reason my  parents died, I started beliving them, I don't know why...Is this really my new "excellent" life?

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