Rant Book

I'm bored, so I will rant.


1. Liars

I think we all know what this is about. I mean, come on. People who lie are basically the bane of our existence; they say we're fat; they accuse us of doing things we never did; they spread nasty rumours; they turn our friends against us; they break our trust. yes, everybody has probably lied at some point in their life, but it's the people who do it so often, it's like it's the truth.


Most of us know someone on here who has done that, and that is just sad. I mean, this site is, what, 0.00000002%of the world's population, and still so many people lie, so many people make others hate them, and so many people get away with it. Usually, the liars get the better side of the deal than the people who are truthful, and that is just not right. Sorry, but it isn't.

I know someone who is a great friend of mine, and people have spread lies about her, and they've turned all her friends against her (or nearly all; I'm still here), and yet they are trusted, they are the ones who everybody adores, and says are amazing. Eve(a?), don't give up. That liar is horrible, and you shouldn't listen to her. Ever.

So, all the liars, stop.

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