mirrors// discontinued

"tell me something about you"

"well... i hate mirrors."

"why would you hate mirrors?"

"because every time i look in them i fail to see beauty."

tackypenguin © all rights reserved

discontinued~ no one really read this story anyways


4. 3.0


"m-m-my my what?" i stuttered while looking quite shocked to what he just said.

"your new best friend. i noticed that you sit by yourself everyday at lunch and you never talk to anyone." he replied without one single shake in his voice.

"well o-okay i g-guess." i said. i should really control my stuttering around him.

"great. so im thinking after school i walk you home. is that alright?" i just look at him while i think about his question. im not sure if i should say yes or no. i dont know if hes a murderer or if he kidnaps girls after school. i tilt my head and the bell rings. i feel bad for not answering his question. maybe i should just say n-

"im gonna walk you home anyway" he told me. well great now he's walking me home and i have no clue if my life is in danger or not. he got up and started walking away from the table, but then paused. he turned around and said "you coming or what?" i quickly got up and threw my garbage away. when i reached ashton's side, he put his arm around my shoulder. why was he doing that you may ask. i have no idea. honestly i wouldnt be surprised if this was just some bet he made with his friends. i have learned that boys do will do a stupid bet like that. not because its happened to me before, but because i read a lot of fanfiction. i consider those to be accurate enough to compare to reality.


i looked over at ashton and he seemed to be giving everyone some kind of "back off she's mine" glare as we walked down the hall. i didnt ask him about it because it made me feel... i dont know... special. like someone actually cared about me at this stupid place. we finally reached our lockers. i dont know why i said finally like that though. our lockers are like, thirty seconds away from the cafeteria. anyway, i have class my next class with ashton. im pretty excited about it to because i wont have to stare at him from across the room now. wow that sounded stalker-ish of me but whatever. as long as hes sits next to me i'll be happy.




the last class of the day ends in three, two, one. yes the sound of the bell at the end of the day always sounds better. i gather my stuff and exit the room. when i get to my locker, i see ashton leaning on his, already packed up. i dont want to keep him waiting there for me so i pack quicker than usual. i put on my jacket and my shades because its one of those super sunny but really windy kind of days. ashton also has shades on and looks amazing in them. he puts his arm around my shoulder again and we walk towards the front doors to leave. when we step outside i almost trip on a rock. luckily ashton was there to catch me. 

"natalie are you okay?!" ashton said with a lot of concern in his voice. i look at him and smile to show him im fine. im still not that comfortable with speaking to him. i love that he seems to care about my safety though. we continue walking and after about 10 minutes of silence he said "tell me something about you." i think of something but i dont know if i should say it. i decide to say it anyway.

"well... i hate mirrors." 

"why would you hate mirrors?" he asked me.

"because every time i look in them i fail to see beauty."  





i dont really know how to feel about this book. like, is it good? idk oh well. i know it was short but i hope you enjoyed this chapter (or tried to enjoy it) thanks my peoples. byeee




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