mirrors// discontinued

"tell me something about you"

"well... i hate mirrors."

"why would you hate mirrors?"

"because every time i look in them i fail to see beauty."

tackypenguin © all rights reserved

discontinued~ no one really read this story anyways


2. 2.0

so let's just recap what happened this morning before first period. my locker was stuck and it just so happens that my crush that i had never spoke to is kind enough to help me open it. should i still be thinking about this? more importantly, should i be fangirling about the situation in my head non stop?

it's only lunch and i'm already picturing our wedding in my head. i mean if you think about it, i don't believe that even counted as a real conversation. plus i said wassup to him. what's up with that? i'm still an idiot for that.

i guess it's time for me to eat considering my stomach is growling loud enough for any living thing on mars to hear it. so, to the lunch line i go. okay lets see our choices today. pizza or grilled cheese. oh lucky me, one ham sandwich left. im about to grab it when the person in front of me decided he was in a ham sandwich mood today.

i want that sandwich. so i build up enough courage to try to get it from him.

"um excuse me?" i said to him. i looked up and saw what he was wearing. then i saw his hair. then i realised that it was ashton and he was now turning around. okay what do i do??  panic? no. walk away? no. great he's turned around now.

he's sticking the sandwich out in front of him. im just looking at it.

"well, im going to take a guess that you wanted this ham sandwich, is that right?" he asked me with a smile on his face. i nodded my head slightly.

"hurry up you guys are holding up the line!" a random student behind us yelled, looking very impatient. ashton then gave me his sandwich and got a slice of pizza. we both payed for our lunch and left the line.

"thank you...again." i said to him before walking towards my usual, empty table. when i sat down, the chair in front of me made a sound. next thing you know ashton is sitting there eating his greasy pizza acting as if all is normal.

i stare at him while he eats his food. i know that sounds weird but, what would you do if your locker opening, sandwich giving, cute faced crush sat in front of you for the first time? im confused as to what's going on but also, im kind of happy.

im debating if i should strike up a conversation or just stare at him.

"you know," he begins to say "you should really eat that sandwich. it was looking pretty good and i gave it up"

i feel like im blushing so i quickly look down and open the sandwich container. he was right, it does look really good. so i take a bite and im sure i look like a little kid who just received candy, because it was delicious. i hear ashton chuckle as i take another bite.

"so what's your name?" he asks me.

i look up and silently say "natalie..."

"well natalie, im ashton. consider me as your new best friend."


(a/n) i don't know where this story came from. something i threw together one night i guess. i honestly don't know if its good. but i do know this chapter was pretty irrelevant to life. oh well. if you like it, thanks. if you don't like it, please don't be mean. so yeah... bye >~< (also on my wattpad: TackyPenguin)

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