mirrors// discontinued

"tell me something about you"

"well... i hate mirrors."

"why would you hate mirrors?"

"because every time i look in them i fail to see beauty."

tackypenguin © all rights reserved

discontinued~ no one really read this story anyways


1. 1.0

i hate mirrors. i really hate mirrors. 
im not beautiful, so there's no point 
at looking in them. when i look all i 
see is flaws. at least until i put on my make-up. every flaw i see i cover it. i know i shouldn't worry about it i mean, it's only high school. oh wait, that gives me every reason to worry about my flaws.

speaking of high school, it sucks. the only things i look forward to is food, study hall, and ashton. the only problem with the ashton part is we've never spoken. our lockers are practically right next to each other, we're in like five classes together, and we've never even said a simple hi or hello.

the thing is, my courage level is like at zero. i speak to the teachers but only when i don't understand something. other than that, my lips are closed. 

right now, my locker is not opening. i look like an idiot pulling on the latch thing. the worse part is, everyone is just looking at me struggle. like hello im clearly struggling help me out.

"having some difficulties?"

did someone just talk me? i stopped pulling one the latch and turned around. oh wait, it's just ashton. oh wait, it's just ashton. he's looking down at me, with his head slightly turned to the side. im pretty sure he's waiting for a response. say something idiot. say anything.

"uhhh, wassup."

okay when i said say anything i didn't mean that. im stupid. he looks at me confused, but then giggles. next thing you know his hand is on my shoulder. what's happening?! he gently moves me aside and looks at my locker. he kicks it once, pulls up on the latch, and opens it.

"thanks..." i say to him. my voice was low, but he still heard me.

"you're very welcome." he replies. ashton gives me a little nod and just like he appeared, he's gone in a heartbeat.

today has been crazy enough already for me, and it's not even first period.

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