bullied into love

and your partner is...


1. epilogue/ chapter 1

5sos: as themselves 

ana: aubrey plaza


placed in high school, where of course ana is being bullied by luke.

chapter 1: new project

I walked into 8th period, im just happy its finally the end of the day. I walked to the back of the classroom of course. The bell rang and i looked up praying to not see luke come in but of course he did. Luke is not exactly popular but he does make a lot of people smile, but not me. luke is a complete asshole! He has been bullying me since the start of the school year, i don't even know why but i am sick of it.

" Now class today we will be doing a new project! and you get to have partners! "  the teacher was so happy about this but i honestly didn't care.

" I will call out you and your partners names, when you you hear it go find your partner and i want you guys to dicuss the topic and start making plans when you will work on this. Yes you do have to go to each others houses.. " I stoped listening after that because like i said i don't care. I ended up fimbling with the ends of my hair intill i heard my name. 

" Ana you will be orking with luke !" he moved on sayig other names but  at that moment i knew that i was dead. my heart started beating as fast as it could. I looked over at luke and saw that he was smirking at me the whole entire time. Luke sits on the other side of the classroom so he ot up and started walking over to me. It seems like he was walking in slow motion because he took forever. I have to admit luke is pretty attrative, but not really my type.

He finally sat down and smirked at me " Hello Ana. "

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