People Like Us

Violet Carson is a student in high school. Many people sees her as the popular girl, but her best friend, Luke, sees her as Vi, annoying, geeky, and dorky.
Violet and Luke are close. Closer than they thought. They first thought they were normal best friends, but they realize they have something, that they thought no one else had. Read to find out.


13. Chapter Twleve

Violets POV

"Luke, come over after school today." I said. "I uh. Can't." He replied. "Why-" "hey Luke." Chloe said behind me. "Oh." I said. "Don't be mad." He said. "I'm not, I'm not. Have fun. Just, let me know when you're gonna be around." I replied, and he went off with Chloe.

"I don't know Ky, I mean, we're dating, shes ruining everything." I said. "Don't think of it that way. I'm sure Luke still cares about you." She replied.

Kylie is the only one of my friends, who actually know about Luke and I's gift. "I don't know if shes supposed to help, or make everything worse." I said.

"Give it some time Vi. Get to know her." She replied. "That's what Luke told me." I replied. "And it didn't work out. I can't stand her." I said. "Vi, Luke still likes you." She said. "It was one kiss. I don't even know if we are dating or not." I replied.

I laughed. "What?" She asked. "He's trying to change it." I said. "I'm sorry I'm not following here." She replied. "It is our fate to be together. Luke and I. But he's trying to change it. He's trying to change his fate. Our fate." I replied.

"That's not good right?" She asked. "My mother, and Luke's dad were meant to be together, just like Luke and I. But after they had us, they left. They broke rules. You can't change fate." I replied.


"Cal! Can you help me!" I yelled. "Sure what's up." Calum replied. "Help me write a song." I said. "Uh, okay? Let me go grab Mikey, ash and Luke." He replied. "No! No Luke. Just you three." I said quickly.

He came into the music room with Michael and ashton. "Song writing time." Ashton said with a smile. "My dad had this song when I was younger, and he would sing it every night to me." I said.

"How did it go? Maybe we can put it in the song." Calum said. "The sun will rise. Like a flame ignites. We're not done til we say it's over. We won't fade away. The sun will rise. Tomorrow never dies." I replied.

"Any other parts?" He asked. I nodded. "Try your best to change your fate, just enjoy the ride. The sun will rise, the moon will fall. Tomorrow never dies." I replied.

"You have the song all done don't you." Michael said. I nodded. Now, I finally know what that song means. When I was younger, I never knew what it meant. The lyrics were so weird. But now, I get it.

No matter what happens, no matter what you do, the sun will always rise. And you aren't done, until you actually finish. The sun will always rise, because the life will never die.

When he sang that last part, try your best to change your fate, just enjoy the ride. I get that now. If you change your fate, then what it's supposed to be, your life won't be the same. It will be a living hell. A bumpy ride.

"No matter what Chloe says, I won't let him change my fate. Our fate." I said. "I will fight for him. I won't put up with this any longer." I continued. "It's my fate. Not hers." I said.

Luke's POV

"I won't let him change my fate. Our fate." Violets voice said, over and over and over in my head. She was right. I am trying to change it. But, I'm not doing it because I want to. I'm doing it, because I have to. Our fate is changing it's self. But I won't let it. It is our life to save our parents, and that's exactly what we will do.

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