People Like Us

Violet Carson is a student in high school. Many people sees her as the popular girl, but her best friend, Luke, sees her as Vi, annoying, geeky, and dorky.
Violet and Luke are close. Closer than they thought. They first thought they were normal best friends, but they realize they have something, that they thought no one else had. Read to find out.


22. Chapter Twenty One

Luke's POV

"Luke! Let's go!" Mum yelled. "Coming!" I yelled. "Can we go see Violet?" I asked. "You can go and see her after school. Huy you need to learn." She said. "Alright. If I don't come home, I'll be at the hospital." I said. She nodded.


"Have a good day." Mum said. "If you see Violet, tell her I'll see her later." I said. "I will." She said, practically throwing me out of the car.

"Hey, Luke. Did you hear about Violet?" Someone asked. "Obviously." I said. "Look, Esme is come kind of hero now, since she bear up Violet." He said. I looked at the huge crowd, surrounding Esme. I shook my head. I sighed, and stood on the table. "For all of you who think Esme is some kind of hero, you're all wrong." I said. Everyone looked at me. "Luke, stop." Violet said.

"She beat up an innocent girl, who is now in the hospital." I said. Everyone gasped. "No she isn't," Esme said, coming out of the crowd. "She is. Because of you. She almost died the other day. Because of you." I said. "Esme. Is that true?" Someone asked. "I don't know. You can never trust a Hemmings." She said.


Violets POV

"Hey baby, how are you?" My mom asked. "In pain, but getting better." I replied. "Luke is coming to see you." She said. I smiled. "You know how happy he is right." She said. I nodded. "Every night I can feel him smiling. I can see him dreaming about me." I said. She smiled.

"Luke is on his way over, he left school early. Well, he kind of had no choice but to leave." She said. "Why? What did he do?" I asked, sitting up. "No baby. Lay back down. Lay down. Come on," she said. "Let Luke tell you. I think it's adorable." She said.


"Hey." Luke said, walking into my hospital room. "Why did you leave early?" I asked. "I saw Esme today," he said. "She had a crowd of people surrounding her, like shes some kind of hero." He said. I felt hurt by that. What, so if you beat me up, you're a hero? "So, I stood up on the table, and basically told them that you're in the hospital, because of her, and that it's her fault you almost died." He said. Her fault? It's not her fault. My moms conversation with mrs Hemmings is why. I can't tell him though.

"I'm just gonna say it. I can't hold it in anymore." He said. I sat up. "Violet, I love you. I really do. I always have. And I wanna be with you," he said. He's gonna say it! He's gonna say it! "But, I'm still dating Chloe." He said. My smile faded. "We're serious now." He said. I laid back down. My head is pounding. My heart is racing. "Say something." He whispered. "I-I uh. I think you should uh. Go." I said. "Vi-" "please. I just want to be alone." I said. He nodded, and walked out.

Someone walked in. I couldn't see who it was, because I laying on my side. "Luke. I told you to go away." I said. "I don't look like Luke." He said. I turned. "W-what are you doing here?" I asked. "I can't come and see a friend?" He asked. "Not after what you did to me, no." I said. "Look, I was put under the pressure that you were some bad person." He said. "But you're not." He finished. I locked eyes with his. "I miss you Vi. I really do. I should have never done that to you, and I was stupid." He said. "James, you hurt me. Literally. Not only did you hurt me, but you hurt Luke to get to me. You followed Lilly around, like she was some god. You tortured me." I said, he looked down. "I know all of those things I did were wrong. And I know they were. I was forced to do that. I didn't want to. I told Lilly that you're not a bad person." He said. "And yet, you did all of those things still." I said. "But as I was doing them, I regretted them. I regret beating Luke up. I regret helping Lilly. But the one thing I regret the most, is hurting you." He said. I smiled.

"Now, you should get some rest." He said, laying me back. "You do know it's gonna take a while for me to trust you again right." I said. "I know. But it's worth it. Lilly's gone, and no one is here to ruin this." He said. I smiled.

I did the one thing I never thought I would do again. The one thing that I told myself to never do. I kissed him.

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