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Violet Carson is a student in high school. Many people sees her as the popular girl, but her best friend, Luke, sees her as Vi, annoying, geeky, and dorky.
Violet and Luke are close. Closer than they thought. They first thought they were normal best friends, but they realize they have something, that they thought no one else had. Read to find out.


30. Chapter Twenty Nine

Violet's POV

"We have a new mission." Dad said. "We do?" I asked. He nodded. "You have three weeks until this takes place. There's others. Like you. Not saviors, but like you. You're going down into a sewer, to save them." He said. "Alright." I replied.

"You will train for three weeks. Running. Jumping. Obstacles. Same thing like before. This is different than the last time. They are like you. Powers, like you." He said. I nodded.


"You will be timed for how long you can hold the object there." Mrs. Hemmings said. "Violet. You're first." She said. I nodded. "Ready. Go." She said. The object lifted into the air.

"Don't mess up." Someone's voice said. My heart raced, and the object dropped. "Did you hear that too?" Luke's voice asked. "Yeah." I replied.

"Luke." Dad said. Luke stepped forward. "Ready. Go." He said. The object lifted into the air. "You're worthless." The voice said.

All of a sudden, I was knocked off the ground, and so was Luke. The object, however, remained in the air. "What the hell." Dad said. "What was that." I said, getting back on my feet.

"That, was me." Someone said behind me. I turned around, seeing the same man, that once questioned Luke and I. He held Chloe in his arms, his arms were around her neck.

"Let her go." Luke said. The man only tightened his grip on Chloe. "David. Let the girl go." Dad said. "I won't let her go, until I get what I want." He said. "You won't get her." Dad said. "We'll see about that." The man said. He snapped his fingers, and all of a sudden, I was moved into his arms, and Chloe was next to Luke.

"Let her go, David!" Dad yelled. 'David' tightened his grip around my neck, which made me look up. "You... Don't scare me." I said. "Oh, but I should." He said, pulling on my hair. The grip he had on my neck was now gone. "You should be afraid." He said.

"You don't know who you're dealing with." He said. "Oh, but I do." I replied. I kicked him in the gut, which made him let go of me. I ran over to where Luke was. "Go inside." I said. "What. Violet, no." Luke said. "Go. Inside. Now." I said. He sighed, but brought everyone inside. "Lock the doors." I said.

Once I heard the door lock, I looked over. Luke was hugging Chloe, and kissing her. My heart dropped. But then, I was brought to me knees.

"You have no idea who you are dealing with." He said. "No, you don't know who you're dealing with." I retorted. "Oh, I know. You're Violet Damon. Nineteen year old brat." He said. I shook my head. "And you're David Damon. The person who tried to kill me. Also, my uncle, and my protector. What a great one you are." I said.

I heard a tap on the door, and Luke stood there. I shook my head, telling him to go away. I know what I'm doing. I know my plan. No one else does.

"you see, I knew you were coming. I felt it." I said. He smirked. "You may think you know who you are dealing with, but you don't." I said. "Oh, but I do." He replied. I shook my head.

"I might be a Damon. But I'm a Carson-Damon. But, I'm also, a savior." I said. His eyes got wide. "Impossible." He said. I shook my head.

"I'm nothing like you. I'm a Carson-Damon. Control." I said, stepping towards him. "Strength." I said. I felt my body heat up. "Love." I said, this time, I felt my eyes change.

"Control. Strength. Love. Things you never will have." I said. He flew back against the fence. "You will never have control. You will never have strength, and you will never love." I said. "You... Love him." He said. "Maybe I do. Maybe I don't." I said.

"You can mess with me. You mess with my head. But you can't mess with my family. You can't mess with Chloe. You can't mess with Luke. You can't mess with his family." I said.

He looked scared. But so was I. This never happened before. "Go." I said. "W-what?" He asked. "Go. Get away. But never come back." I said. And in a flash, he was gone.

Dad, Mrs. Hemmings, Luke and chloe came out. Luke's arm was around Chloe's waist. I looked away, my body was still heated, and I felt that my eyes were still not its normal color.

"Thank you." Chloe said. I looked away. "Risking my life for a person who is a bitch to me is just being lucky. Next time, I won't save you." I said, walking away. I heard them calling my name, but I needed to cool down.


"You did a good thing today." Dad said, as he sat down next to me. "Did I? Did I really do a good thing?" I asked. "Of course you did. You saved Chloe, Vi." He said. "Do I ever do the right thing? Because I just brought back the one person, who is ruining a friendship." I said, tears falling down my face.

"I should've let her die." I said. "She is the one thing that's keeping Luke away from me." I said, crying. "Okay, baby. Okay." He said. He opened his arms, and I put my head into his chest. "It's all going to work out baby." He said, kissing my head.

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