People Like Us

Violet Carson is a student in high school. Many people sees her as the popular girl, but her best friend, Luke, sees her as Vi, annoying, geeky, and dorky.
Violet and Luke are close. Closer than they thought. They first thought they were normal best friends, but they realize they have something, that they thought no one else had. Read to find out.


26. Chapter Twenty Five

Luke's POV

There was a knock on the front door, and I ran to get it. "Luke." She said. "Chloe? Where have you been?" I asked. "I-I don't know." She replied. "Someone told me I was locked away for lying to the saviors." She said. "Lying?" I asked. She nodded. "I don't even know. I'm just happy to be back. You're the first person I came to see." She said. I smiled.

Violets POV

I walked out of the place I was hiding, in the black leather jumper. My hair was gently pushed back, into a pony tail. I walked to Luke's house, and smiled, as I saw a light on.

One knock. Two knocks. Three. And the door opened. "I have... Um. Company." Luke says. I look in the doorway, and notice Chloe. "Oh. Um... Well, my mom has some people at my place, so I can't really go there." I said. He sighed, but let me in.

"Violet." Chloe said. "Chloe." I said. "Is um.... Jack home?" I asked. "Um yeah? Why?" Luke asked. "Maybe while you two are... I guess hanging out... I can go hang out with Jack." I suggested. "Hey! Perfect idea!" Chloe said. "Shes been back for what, and hour, and I literally wanna kill her." I said in my head, forgetting Luke can hear. "Hey. Be nice." He said. "I'm going to see Jack." I said. "Violet..." "No Luke." I said.

"Luke, someone's in the bathroom! Using yours!" I yelled from up the stairs. "Use it. Be careful. Don't get hurt. Don't brake my sink this time. I just got it fixed." Luke's voice said. I laughed.


I opened the bathroom door from Luke's room, and a body was standing there. "Jack! Damn! Are you trying to scare me!" I said. "Sorry." He said. I saw his eyes wander down to my chest. "Nice hot pink bra." He said. I turned around, and zipped my top up. "Aw, why'd you do that? I liked what I saw." He said. "Just stop while you can." I said.

"I know you want me, babe." He said. "In your dreams." I replied. "Oh come on. Just a little fun?" He asked. I laughed, and walked away, only to be pulled back. "Jack..." I said, until lips forcefully met mine. I tried to push him back, but I couldn't. He had my wrists held tightly.

He threw me on the bed, and climbed on top of me, tying my hands to the bed. He unzipped my jumper, and smirked. He kissed down my stomach, and back up to my neck. "Jack... Stop." I said. "I know it feels good baby." He says, pulling the jumper down to my ankles.

"Oh my god! Stop!" I yelled, trying to move. "the more you move, the faster I'm gonna go baby." He says. I shut my eyes closed, and a tear slipped my eye. "Okay! I'm done!" I yelled.

Luke's POV

"Luke! Help! Ow! Fuck! Help! Shit!" Violets voice yelled. I looked around, and ran up the stairs. "Get the fuck off of me!" Violet yelled. My room!

I bursted through the door, and saw Jack, laying on top of Violet. Violet laid there, naked. "Jack! What the fuck!" I yelled, running over to the bed. I pulled Jack away from Violet, and threw him out of my room.

I untied violets hands, and she started fighting me. "Hey! Hey! It's okay. It's me. It's me." I said. She looked at me a few times. Her breathing slowed down. "Luke." She whispered. "I'm here. I'm here." I whispered, pulling her clothes back on.

"What did he do?" I asked. "He... He... Oh god! Luke." She said, freaking out again. "Okay. Ssh. It's okay." I said, hugging her. She cried into my chest. "I... I told him... I told him to get off!" She yelled. "Ssh. It's okay." I said.

We sat on the couch for a little, and she cried. "Let's get you home, and to bed." I said. She nodded. She got up, and winced. "Ow!" She yelled. "It hurts. I... I... Ow! Luke!" She yelled. I picked her up, and walked her out the door.

"Ms. Damon!" I yelled. "Luke! What are you..." "Where's her room? Or bed? Or something?" I asked. "In there." She said. I nodded. "Ow! Easy!" She yelled. "Sorry! Sorry!" I yelled, setting her down nicely.

"Ow. Pajamas... Ow. In closet." She said. I grabbed some pajamas, and put them on her bed. I unzipped her leather suit, and carefully took it off. "Can you work with me?" I asked. She nodded. I put her pants on slowly, and she winced. "Sorry, sorry. I'm trying not to hurt you." I said. "Okay. The shirt. Can you sit up?" I asked. She nodded, and propped herself on her elbows. I slid the shirt on, and she laid down.

"Luke, can you tell me what the hell happened?" Ms. Damon asked. "Jack... He... Um. I guess you can say... Admires her?" I replied. "Luke. What did he do." She said sternly.

"Repeat after me." Violets voice said. "He really likes her, and he showed her that. Which she didn't want him to show her." She said. I said exactly that. "No. No! He didn't!" She yelled. "I'm sorry." I said.

"Jack! Why the hell did I just get a call from Jaclyn saying you hurt Violet! What the hell did you do!" Mum yelled. "What? I didn't do anything." Jack replied. "Stop lying." I said. "I didn't do anything wrong." He said. "Mum, he did hurt her. She can't even walk. This is worse than with what happened with Lily." I said. "Jack!" Mum yelled. "We are going there right now! And you," she said pointing to Jack, "will apologize." She said.

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