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Violet Carson is a student in high school. Many people sees her as the popular girl, but her best friend, Luke, sees her as Vi, annoying, geeky, and dorky.
Violet and Luke are close. Closer than they thought. They first thought they were normal best friends, but they realize they have something, that they thought no one else had. Read to find out.


29. Chapter Twenty Eight

Violet's POV

I felt this strong pain throughout my whole body. Like, sadness. But anger at the same time. I started crying, but at the same time I started throwing things around. "What is happening to me." I said.

Luke's POV

Sadness. That's all I felt. I put Jack down, and crawled into a corner. Jack looked confused. This never happened before. What's going on?

Violet's POV

"No. Nope." I said to Leo. "Please. Just show me." He said. I sighed. "Fine. Come outside." I said, going out the back door. He smiled an followed. "I don't know how I did this before, but you might want to stand back." I said. He nodded.

I cleared my mind, let every single ounce of anger, sadness, thought, everything out of my mind. "Here goes nothing." I said, moving my hands. The wind started to pick up. "Wow!" Leo yelled. "I'm not done yet." I said, staring at a table. The table started to move. "Do that thing where the house shakes!" He yelled. I shook my head. "Or! That thing where you throw someone against the wall, and the thing where you unlock the doors!" He yelled. "I can't do that." I said. He frowned.


"Vi! Dinner!" Dad yelled. I ran down the stairs, and sat down. He started to shake when he carried the plates over to the table. "Dad? Are you okay?" I asked. "Yeah, fine." He replied. "Here, let me help you." I said. "No, it's fine." He replied. "No, dad let me help you." I said. "I said I'm fine!" He yelled. I stood back. "I don't need your help!" He yelled. I gulped.


"Dad?" I asked. "You've been drinking. Again." I said. "This is none of your damn business." He snapped. "It is, dad." I replied. "Violet, just go back to your room." He said. I sighed, but walked up the stairs.

"Im coming for you." A voice said. It wasn't Luke. "Did you hear that?" Luke's voice asked. I opened my curtains, and nodded. "Was it for you?" He asked. I shrugged.

"I'm coming for you, Damon." It said. My breath hitched. "Breathe." Luke said. I took deep breaths. "Okay. Okay. I'm good." I said.

All of a sudden, I dropped to the ground in pain. That was when I found out... My baby died.

If you're confused on why the baby died to suddenly. Here's the answer.

Luke and Violet are destined to be together. Violet can't get pregnant... Or should I say, can't have a baby, unless it's with Luke.

And now you're probably wondering, why did her mom get pregnant. Well, here's the answer to that.

Violet's mom, wasn't a savior. She was meant to be with Luke's dad. But it wasn't destined. When she got pregnant, she was allowed to get pregnant with Violet's dad, because he was trainer.

Violet and Luke are DESTINED to be together. Which means, they have to.

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