People Like Us

Violet Carson is a student in high school. Many people sees her as the popular girl, but her best friend, Luke, sees her as Vi, annoying, geeky, and dorky.
Violet and Luke are close. Closer than they thought. They first thought they were normal best friends, but they realize they have something, that they thought no one else had. Read to find out.


4. Chapter Three

Violets POV

"James, I have to go. Luke is here." I said. James is my boyfriend. "Why? It's only Luke." James replied. "I have to. We just talk, and stuff, so I want to be alone when we talk." I replied. He nodded, and I hung up.

"Hey." Luke said as he walked into my room. "Who were you talking to?" He asked. "Oh. Just James." I replied. He sighed. "Can't you just act like you like him?" I asked. "Anything for you." He replied.

"So, anything about Lilly?" I asked. "No. She was fine in school. Nothing threatening." He replied. "Good. How's your ankle?" I asked. "It's good. I didn't really hurt it." He replied. "That's good. I feel like we can't have a normal conversation anymore." I replied. He nodded.


Luke's POV

"Luke!" Someone yelled, as I walked through the halls. It was James. "Come with me." He said. I nodded, and he leaded me into a closet. "What's this?" I asked, when we walked in. There were four guys in the closet. "I want you to stay away from Violet." James said. "I can't do that." I replied. "Oh, well you gonna have to." He replied. He punched me right in the gut. Again. And again. And again.

Violet's POV

I was in class, when I got winded. "Vi? You alright?" Alyssa asked. I jumped back, and fell to the floor, holding my stomach.

Luke's POV

"Now will you stay away?" James asked. "N-no." I replied. He kicked me right in the gut, and punched me in the face. All I could think about was Violet. She could feel this pain.

Violets POV

I was screaming in pain. "Vi!" Alyssa yelled. "Find.... Luke!" I managed to say. I managed to get up, and walk. "I'll find him." I said. She looked at me weird. "Luke where are you?" I asked myself. "Help." His voice echoed in my head.

I heard noises from a closet. "Yes! In there vi! I'm in there!" His voice said. I walked to the door, and it was locked. "It's locked!" I said. "Find a way." His voice said. There! I picked up the keys, thank you janitors, and unlocked the door.

"James?" I asked. I looked to the floor, and saw Luke. All bloody, and bruised. "James." I said. He kicked Luke, which of course made me fall to the ground in pain. "What the hell?" He asked. He kicked Luke again, and I screamed in pain, and kicked again. And again. "Stop! Please!" I yelled. He stopped, and just left.

"Luke..." I said crawling over to him. "Ow." He said. I helped him up, and we walked out of the closet. "Vi! Ally told me you screamed- oh my god! Luke what happened!" Leo said. "Call dad. Tell him he needs to come get us." I said.

Luke's POV

"Thanks." I said to Violet. "I felt it. I knew you were in trouble. I couldn't leave you there." She replied. I smiled.

"Luke, what happened?" Mr. Carson asked as we got into his car. "I got a little beat up." I replied. "Vi, you alright?" He asked. "Yea. A little pain." She replied.

Violets POV

"Violet, why don't you go get Luke comfy." Dad said. I nodded, and took him upstairs. "You didn't have to come for me." He said. "Yes I did. We are in this together." I replied. He nodded.

"Here, put ice on your eye." I said. He took my ice pack from me. "Luke, you're all bruised." I said. "Oh thanks. I didn't notice." He replied. I laughed. "See you're fine. I'm the one who will have the marks." He said. "And those marks will prove that you didn't do anything wrong." I replied. He smiled.

"The only thing is, James saw my pain." I said. "When all he did was kick you." I said. "Well, let's hope he doesn't say anything. We don't need people being afraid of us." Luke replied.

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