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Violet Carson is a student in high school. Many people sees her as the popular girl, but her best friend, Luke, sees her as Vi, annoying, geeky, and dorky.
Violet and Luke are close. Closer than they thought. They first thought they were normal best friends, but they realize they have something, that they thought no one else had. Read to find out.


31. Chapter Thirty

Violet's POV

It's been one week since Chloe's back. One week since David left. And one week since Luke stopped talking to me. I pretty much been training everyday, with or without Luke. I'm doing this mission with or without him.

"Want to go get some coffee?" Kylie asked. "Sure." I replied, grabbing my coat and bag. Dad's been giving me some time to myself, so I can be a normal person, which is good.

"So, how's you and Cole?" Kylie asked. "We aren't dating." I said, which is true. Cole and I are pretty close friends. "Okay, so practically making out in the middle of the street is close friends." She said. "Screw you." I said. She laughed.

"Look, it's Cole. Your hottie." She said. I turned around, and smiled. He saw me, and walked over to our table. "Hi Ky. Hey Vi. Looking cute today." He said. "Thanks." I replied, moving to the side. He smiled and sat next to me.

I heard the bell ring, meaning someone walked in. "Uh oh." Kylie said. "What?" I asked. "Luke alert." She said. I turned around, and saw him with Chloe. "I. Don't care." I said, with a smile. Fake smile.

"Hey." Someone said. I turned to see Luke and Chloe standing next to Cole. "Hey man." Cole said. "How've ya been?" Luke asked. "Good. You?" Cole replied. "Been great." Luke replied.

My phone rang, thank god. "Hey dad." I said. "Past time, Vi." He said. "Oh, sorry dad. Yeah, I'm on my way home. Is Leo going to be there too?" I asked. "No, he's with Jasmine. Training starts in an hour." He said. "I know. I know. I'll be in training in... A few minutes. I'll be there soon." I said, hanging up.

"You train?" Cole asked. "Yeah." I replied. "For what? A marathon?" He asked. "Kind of. Feels like it at times. Especially when I'm alone." I replied, looking at Luke.

"I have to do before my dad flips out. He told me I could have an hour off of training after I worked too hard one day, so, he decided it was time to cut back on training. But I have two more weeks to train, then the real thing happens, so... I have to go." I said. "See you tomorrow?" Cole asked. I nodded and smiled. And right in front of Luke, he kissed me. I smiled into the kiss, when I felt eyes on me. "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow." I said. He nodded. "Just close friends, huh!" Kylie yelled. "Shut up! Mrs. I don't like Calum!" I yelled back.


Luke's POV

"So, you're dating Violet?" Chloe asked. Cole nodded. "Yeah, we started dating last week. She said she needed someone to actually be there for her, so I guess that was me. But I asked her about you, and she said she hates you, and she doesn't really want to talk to you." He replied.

"You know, after she lost her baby, she hasn't been herself." He said. Chloe and Kylie both looked at us. "She was pregnant?" Chloe asked. Cole nodded. "Yeah, she was pretty upset." He said. "I didn't know she was." Chloe said. "Yeah." I replied.

"I'm surprised she can handle a boyfriend." I said. I'm screwed! "Why?" Cole asked. "Luke." Kylie said. "Her ex, James, hurt her pretty badly." I said. "And she slept with me brother." I said. His jaw dropped.

Violet's POV

"Can... I... Stop?" I asked, hanging from a pull up bar. "No, keep going. You need to get strong." Dad replied. I groaned, and pulled myself up again. Dad left to get the door, so I was left alone.

"Vi, Cole's here." Dad said. I nodded, and hopped down from the pull up bar. "Hey." I said. "You slept with Luke's brother?" He asked. "What a-" "We're done, Vi. You sleeping with his brother, who is in his twenties is just... Wrong." He said, and left. Just left it that that.

I slammed the front door closed, and ran to Luke's house. I opened the door, and ran to Mrs. Hemmings. "Where the hell is Luke." I said. "In his room with Ch-" I ran up the stairs.

"You asshole!" I yelled, he went flying against the wall. "You told him lies!" I yelled. I felt my body heating. "I swear Luke, you come near me, there will be a huge problem." I said. "Don't even think about talking." I said. "Next time, I won't let you off easily. And you, you don't even think about doing anything." I said. I walked right out of his room.


"I'm doing this alone." I said, pulling myself up the pull up bar. "I need to be strong." I said. "Stronger than ever." I said. "Violet, it's time to stop." Dad said. I ignored him, and kept pulling myself up. "Violet, lets go, stop." He said.

Three hundred pull ups later, I was taken down from the bar. "I'm doing this alone." I said. "I know baby. I know." Dad said, sitting me down on the couch. "I hate him. I hate him." I said. "No you don't." He said. "I do! I can't stand him!" I yelled. "Okay, okay. Calm down." He said, rubbing my back. "I hate him. I don't want this anymore." I said, crying. "I know baby, but you can't." He said.

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