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Violet Carson is a student in high school. Many people sees her as the popular girl, but her best friend, Luke, sees her as Vi, annoying, geeky, and dorky.
Violet and Luke are close. Closer than they thought. They first thought they were normal best friends, but they realize they have something, that they thought no one else had. Read to find out.


33. Chapter Thirty Two

This is a whole chapter on old memories.

"Hi. I'm Violet." Little Violet said, in her sunflower dress. Little Luke stayed quiet. "I'm seven." Violet said, with a big smile. Luke smiled. "I'm Luke. And I'm seven too." He replied. "My birthday is July 10." Violet said. "Mines July 7." Luke said. Violet smiled.

"Mum, this is Violet. Can we go in the play room? Jacky has his video games here." Little Luke said. "Go ahead honey." Luke's mum replied.

"We will be best friends." Violet said. "We will?" Luke asked. "Yeah! I can feel it." She replied, holding his hand. "I like you." He said. Violet smiled. "I like you too." She replied, kissing his cheek.


"Violet! Luke's here!" Violet's dad yelled. 15 year old Violet came running down the stairs, with a sports bra and short shorts on. "Luke!" She said, hugging him. He hugged we back, and they went into her room.

Violet locked her door, and Luke pushed her against the wall. Violet smiled, as they kissed. She fiddled with the hem of his shirt, and finally got it off.

Violet's shirt and pants were off. Luke's pants pants and shirt were off. Luke was on top of Violet, sliding his hands all over her body. Over her stomach. Her arms. Her legs. Her thighs. And Violet liked the way he touched her.

"Violet, Luke dinner." Violet's dad said, walking into Violet's room. Her dad froze at the sight. A boy, that was like his son, was on top of Violet, both of them half naked.

"What the hell!" He yelled. Luke quickly got off of Violet, and Violet covered herself up. "Luke, I think you should go home." Her dad said. "Dad, let him stay for dinner." Violet said. "Not after that sight." Her dad replied. "I'll see you tomorrow, Vi." Luke said. Violet nodded, and Luke left.


Luke was walking home from school one day, when he heard fighting. People fighting was typical in his neighborhood. But the voices were too familiar.

"No! Don't turn this around on me! You did this!" One of the voices yelled. "Well it wasn't my fault!" The other voice yelled. The voice sounded like it was a male. "It is your fault! You cheated on me!" A voice yelled. This one sounded like a girl.

Luke looked around the corner, seeing Violet and her older boyfriend, Louis standing there. Violet was sixteen, and Louis was almost nineteen.

"Is everything okay?" Luke asked, walking up to Violet's house. "Go away puny boy." Louis snapped. "Don't talk to him that way." Violet barged in. "Okay, go away please, puny boy." Louis said. "Louis! Stop this." Violet said. Luke noticed the tears on her face, and he immediately felt the urge to protect.

"What did he do?" Luke asked, stepping closer to Violet. "Nothing. Just go ahead home." Violet replied. She didn't like when people saw her cry. It made her feel weak. Her father always tells her to be strong for her mother, who barely ever cried.

"Vi, just tell me." Luke said, taking her hand in his. "I-I found him... Making out with Heather." Violet said. Luke let go of her hand, and turned to Louis, who was smirking.

"You." Luke said, getting close to him. "Luke." Violet said. He ignored her. Luke punched Louis right in the nose, and Louis immediately fought back.

"Stop! Please! Stop!" Violet yelled. Luke could feel her losing it, but he wasn't punching back anymore. He was weak already. Louis was bigger, older, and stronger than Luke has ever been.

Louis was lifted off of Luke, and Violet pulled Luke up. Leo, Violet's twin brother held Louis back. Leo was older by minutes. But they never fought about that. They fought over Luke, because they were both best fiends with him.

Violet held Luke's head in her hands. "Are you okay?" She asked, moving his head from side to side. "I'm fine. I'm alright." Luke replied, holding her hands. "Let me clean you up." She said, bringing him inside.

Luke sat on the bathroom sink, and Violet stood between his legs, cleaning his face. "You got beat up pretty bad." She said, holding a towel to his eye. "This is nothing. Remember the fight I got in with Jason Cale?" He replied, scrunching his nose. "Badass first grader." Violet replied, laughing. He laughed.

"Thank you." Violet said, holding the towel to his lips. "For what?" He asked. "Being there for me when I need you." She replied. He smiled. "Always. I'll always be there for you." Luke replied. Violet smiled, moved the towel away from his lips, and they both leaned in.


Luke ripped Violet's shirt off, leaving her in her bra and shorts. The door was locked, so no one could interrupt. "Take this off." Violet mumbled, pulling at his shirt. Luke lifted his shirt off, and threw it on the ground.

He pulled violet's shorts down, and she stepped out of them. Luke held her by the thighs, and Violet instantly knew to jump. Once she jumped, Luke held her in his arms against the wall.

Luke's pants finally came off, leaving Violet in her lace underwear, and matching bra. And Luke in his boxers. He kissed down her neck, which made her moan.

Luke set her down on the floor, and climbed on top of her. "No ones home. Just you and me. Leo's out now." She said against his lips. Luke nodded, and rolled them over, so Violet was on top. Luke unhooked her bra, and threw it to the side. "Beautiful." He mumbled. Violet blushed, but continued to kiss him.

"You took me on the bathroom floor." Violet said, panting. "Couldn't wait any longer." Luke replied, catching his breath. This wasn't the first time they've done this. Usually when no one is home, they go this far. But never in the bathroom.

"Vi! I'm home!" Violet's dad yelled. She sat up from the floor. "Get dressed. Quickly. If my dad finds out we had sex, we are screwed." She said, putting her bra on.

Once all dressed, they walked out of the bathroom. "Luke beat louis up. I had to clean his face so they wouldn't get infected." Violet said. Her dad nodded, and walked into the bathroom.

"See you tomorrow." Luke said kissing her. Violet smiled, and nodded. Once she closed the door, her dad came out. "Why the hell is there a used condom in the bathroom garbage." He said. "Um... I don't know. I don't use them. Ask Leo, he's not a virgin. Unlike me." She said. He looked at her. "Alright. Fine. Luke and I... Have been sneaking around. When you're not home... We... Do that. Which you caught us in the middle of it the other day." She said. "As long as you're using protection." He said.


Sixteen year old Luke had his first girlfriend, Aleisha. His whole world revolved around her. And Violet didn't like that. Luke was everything to Violet. Not only was he her best friend, but he's also the one who took her virginity.

"Mrs. Hemmings, is Luke here?" Violet asked Luke's mom. "He's in his room. But, I wouldn't go in there if I were you. Aleisha's there. And we all know what happens when she's there." She replied. Violet nodded.

Violet sat on the floor in her bathroom, just wondering why Luke is ignoring her. Did I do something? She thought. Thoughts were running around her head, and she didn't know what was going on.

When she went into her room, she saw Luke and Aleisha. Luke's curtain and windows were open, and so were violet's. "Oh god! Yeah! Luke!" Aleisha screamed. Violet quickly shut her windows and curtains.

She knew this would happen, but she didn't think so soon. They weren't exactly dating, but Violet wanted to. She ran into the bathroom, and opened up the cabinet.

She took five of her anti depressant pills. Way above the amount she was supposed to take. She took her dad razor, and took the blade out. She wanted to die. She didn't know why Luke would do this to her, after everything that happened. She heard screaming, until she completely blacked out.

"What did she do?!" Luke's mom yelled at Violet's dad. "I-I don't know! S-she overdosed on her pills, a-and I-i don't know why." Her dad replied. Luke's mom ran upstairs, into the bathroom.

"Mum? What's wrong? Why are you so frantic?" Luke asked, walking out of his room shirtless. Aleisha could be seen sleeping under the covers in his bed. "Oh, n-nothing. Uh, go back to your room." She replied.

Violet's dad brought Violet into the bathroom. "Put her in the tub." Luke's mom said. He put her into the bathtub, that was freezing cold.

"Mum! What happened!" Luke yelled, running to the bathtub. "John, get in there, and stick your hands down her throat, get her to throw up." Luke's mom said to Violet's dad.

Violet's dad put his fingers down Violet's throat, trying to make her throw up. "Come on. Wake up." Luke whispered. "What did she do?" Luke asked his mom. "S-she overdosed o-on her pills. H-he said s-she was fine. She went into her room, he said she came running out feelings depressed." She replied.

Violet threw up in the bathtub, leaning on her side. "Okay, okay. Let it out." Violet's dad said, rubbing her back. Violet laid back into her dad's chest.

"Why would you overdose Vi. Those a strong pills. Only one a day." Her dad said. Violet was very weak, she barely could move. She lifted her arm weakly, pointing to Luke.

Everyone's eyes went to Luke. "What did you do?" His mom asked. Luke shrugged. Aleisha came into the bathroom. "Oh my god. Is she okay?! What happened?!" She asked. Violet lifted her hand again, and pointed to Aleisha.

"Aleisha?" Luke's mom asked. "So, Luke and Aleisha. Luke and... Oh my goodness." Luke's mom said. She finally put the pieces together.

"Luke and Aleisha. Depressed. Overdosing. John, she did this because of them." She said. Violet's dad looked at her confused. "Violet, honey, did you see something?" Luke's mom asked. Violet nodded. "What did you see." She said. "Heard... Screams. Luke's name... Being screamed. And... Saw-" "okay, okay." Violet's dad said, pulling her back into him.

Violet sat at Luke's kitchen table, blanket on, and coffee cup in her hand. "Are you better?" Luke's mom asked. Violet nodded. "Your dad got you here in time. Any later, you wouldn't have made it." His mom said. "I wish he didn't find me." Violet said.

"I tried to figure out what I did wrong, why he would do this to me, knowing his window was open. And knowing mine were open. And... Once I heard, and saw things... I didn't want to see anything anymore. I felt depressed. I took five pills. And got out the blade from dad's razor. But, dad found me, and I blacked out. I felt and hears everything. But, I just... Didn't want to wake up." Violet said. "You're okay now." Luke's mom said, hugging her.

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