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Violet Carson is a student in high school. Many people sees her as the popular girl, but her best friend, Luke, sees her as Vi, annoying, geeky, and dorky.
Violet and Luke are close. Closer than they thought. They first thought they were normal best friends, but they realize they have something, that they thought no one else had. Read to find out.


36. Chapter Thirty Five

Violets POV

"Hey." I said, sitting next to Chloe. She sighed. "Look, I know we haven't been good friends, or friends at all, but I want to try." I said. "I don't want to be friends with you." She snapped. "Alright, well, I want to be friends with you." I said. "Wow. Is that what you said to Jack while you were having sex? Or when your rape baby died?" She asked.

"Or now that your parents are separated. And your mum is carrying Andrew's baby?" She asked. My body heated up. "I'm happy for my mum." I said. "Really? Wow, because you're the one who made your parents separate. Wait, they were never married were they. Poor Violet." She said.

I stood up in pure anger. The table flew against the wall. Chairs flew to the other side of the room. "My parents, separated, because they wanted to." I said. The couch lifted into the air, and it flew against the back wall.

"Vi!" Luke yelled, holding me back. I started to calm down, but not fully. I broke out of Luke's arms, and went to the door. "Where are you going?" Luke asked. "I need... Fresh air." I said, walking out.

I got to the corner, but I felt something on my mouth, then everything turned black.

Luke's POV

"Luke!" Violet's voice yelled. "Help!" Her voice yelled. "Where are you?" I asked. "Old... Ware..." Then her voice stopped. "Chloe!" I yelled. She came running out. "I need your help." I said. "Violet's in trouble and-" "I'm not helping her." She snapped. "Like hell you're not." I said.

Violet's POV

Memories. Old memories. The warehouse. "Welcome back Violet. Oh wait, you're the Savior." Lily said, walking towards me with something in her hand. "So, I know what happened with you and jack. I know what happened with you and Luke. And you and... Chloe Woods." She said.

A knife. She has a knife. "I want to test something out." She said, lifting my shirt up. I fought her back, until she pressed the knife to my throat. "one move, this, goes slice." She warned.

She put the tip of the knife in the wound I have from a different time. I jumped. "Hurts." She smirked, and put the knife in more. I screamed in pain. "You really should have closed that." She said, pulling the knife out.

I was breathing heavy from the pain, I couldn't see clearly. "I want to do this one myself." She said, smirking. She lifted my shirt again, and put the knife back into the wound. I jumped again. She held the knife there, and twisted it around. I was now in tears.

She pulled the knife out, and she was just about to put it back in, but a voice stopped her. "Let. Her. Go." Someone said. I know that voice. "Okay." Lily said, stabbing me again. I screamed in pain, panting over and over again.

Luke ran over to me, and pulled the knife out. There was blood all over my shirt, the chair, and the floor. "Stay with me." Luke said. "Stay with me Violet!" He yelled, picking me up.


Luke's POV

"Violet!" Kylie yelled running to me. "Call her parents, now!" I yelled. She nodded, and ran to her phone. "Oh my god! Violet!" Leo screamed, running to the table where Violet was laying. "Stay with me." I said to Violet.

The door bursted open. Mr. Carson and Ms. Damon ran in. "My baby!" Ms. Damon yelled. "What happened?" Mr. Carson asked. "Lily got her. Tortured her." I said. "Can you hear anything?" Ms. Damon asked. I shook my head.

"She's alive, but very weak." Mr. Damon said. "I can feel it." Ms. Damon replied. I felt the numbness that Violet was feeling. I felt the pain she was going through. I felt it all.

"Luke, stay with us here, we need you." Ms. Damon said. I nodded. Mr. Carson put a towel on Violet's wound. "Luke, hold it there, and try to connect her. I'm going to go call your mum." He said. "I'll call Andrew." Ms. Carson said, running out of the room.

"Come on Vi." I said. No reply. "Tap once if you can hear my voice." I said. I saw a slight, slight, slight tap. "Okay, good. You're going to be okay." I said. "Your thoughts are all over the place right now, I can't read them, but, just listen to my voice okay, tap again if you can hear me." I said. Another slight tap. "Okay." I said.

"They found it." Mum said. I nodded. "Okay, um... Andrew while she's in this state, go get alcohol." She said. Dad nodded, and ran to the bag they brought.

"Watch out. She may scream." Mum said. I nodded. Mum dabbed the wound, and Violet shot up, screaming. "It's only going to help honey. I promise." Mum said. Violet was still screaming. I ran over, and held her hand. She squeezed it tightly, while mum kept dabbing.

"Alright, it's cleaned out." Mum said. Violet was panting, as she laid back down. "Hand me the stitches." Mum said. Dad ran over to the back, and pulled out needles and... String? Mum started the stitches, while I held violet's hand. "It's only helping." Mum said.


"You're all better baby." Ms. Damon said. "Great job Luke." Mr. Carson said. I nodded. "How did she get to her?" He asked. "Chloe said some things that ticked off Violet. She got angry. And walked out the door." I replied.

"Watch every move she takes. John, no missions for at least... A month." Mum said. "We can't send them out anyway, they haven't been training for a month." He replied.

Violet's POV

"Mum." I said weakly. Mum looks at me. "Is it true you're carrying Mr. Hemmings baby?" I asked. She shook her head. "Is it true you and dad separated?" I asked. She shook her head. "None of those are true. But... I am carrying a baby. That is your father's. And your father... Did propose." She said. I smiled. "You're having a little sister, like you." She said. I smiled. "Get some rest, we will talk more when you're feeling better." She said. I nodded, and closed my eyes. I instantly fell asleep, thinking of my new baby sister.

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