People Like Us

Violet Carson is a student in high school. Many people sees her as the popular girl, but her best friend, Luke, sees her as Vi, annoying, geeky, and dorky.
Violet and Luke are close. Closer than they thought. They first thought they were normal best friends, but they realize they have something, that they thought no one else had. Read to find out.


5. chapter Four

Violets POV

"So, this mind trick, is all part of the brains trick." Mr. Dolan said. "I hate this class." I said. "Just sit through it." Luke's voice replied. After he said that, two police officers, and the principal came in. "Why are they here?" I asked. "I don't know." Luke's voice replied.

"Sorry to interrupt, but we need Violet Carson, and Luke Hemmings." The principal said. Luke and I looked at each other. "Do you think he said something?" I asked. "We will find out." Luke replied. We both got up. "Bring your things. You'll be coming with us." One of the police officers said.

"Why are we here?" I asked, as we arrive in the police station. "We just need to ask some questions." The officer said. "Come with me." The officer said. "Don't touch me." I said.

"We are going to do a lie detector test." The officer said, as a man dressed in a suit and tie walked in with a machine. They hooked up wires to me. "Are they doing this too?" I asked Luke. "Lie detector test? Yes." Luke replied. "Just, tell the truth." I said.

"What's your name?" The man asked. "Violet Isabelle Carson." I replied. The man nodded. "When is your birthday?" He asked. "July 10,1996." I replied. He nodded. "Is Leonardo Vincent Carson your brother?" He asked. "Yes." I replied. He nodded. "Is Jaclyn Ann Damon your mother?" He asked. "I don't know. I never met my mother." I replied. He nodded. "Can you feel other peoples pain?" He asked. "No." I replied. The machine beeped. "Wrong answer." He said. "I can't feel other peoples pain." I said. "That's a lie." He said. "No it's not. I can't feel others pain." I said. "Back to the easy questions please." I said. "Who is your father?" He asked. "John Vincent Carson." I replied. He nodded. "Another man will be coming in." He said as he left.

Luke's POV

Another man came in, and sat down. "Hello Lucas. My name is George Francis." He said. I looked away. "Do you know why you're here?" He asked. I shook my head. "Someone brought to our attention, that there are two people who can feel each others pain. This person told us your names. That's why you are here." He said. "Are they giving you this speech?" I asked Violet. "Yep." She replied.

I didn't listen to a word he said, but he said something that caught my attention. "Your father went through this as well." He said. I looked at him. "How do you know my father?" I asked. "He went through this. Right after you were born." He said. "Why did you talk to my father?" I asked. "Your father had something like you. I know about you little gift. Your father, and Jaclyn Carson were brought in. Good man." He replied.

"Violet Carson, nice girl isn't she. Beautiful too. Looks just like her mother." He said. Is he trying to get on my nerves? "I guess." I replied. "I bet you care a lot about her don't you." He said. "Shes like my sister." I replied. "Shes an amazing girl. Beautiful girl. Her mother is a wonderful lady too. You're probably protective of her aren't you." He said. "I am. But that's because we are best friends." I replied. "I know about you two. About your families. I know you two are the only people who have this 'gift'." He said.

"You know, your father and Jaclyn had that gift. And so did your grandparents. It's passed on." He said. "You're father, is still alive." He said. "My father is dead." I replied. "He's alive. He went missing. Your father is alive." He said. "He was a good man. Great potential to become one of us. But he didn't want to. He wanted to stay with you and your mother. So, we placed him somewhere. Where no one knows. All your mother knows is he was gone the day after you were born, and never came back." He said. I clenched my fists. "I see you're angry. You are free to leave." He said. I slid out of my chair, and slammed the door open.

I walked out, and saw Violet crying. "Did you crack?" I asked. She shook her head. "My mother... Is alive." She said. "My father is too. They're together." I said. She nodded.

Violets POV

"Daddy!" I yelled running to him. "Violet. Are you okay?" Dad asked. I saw Luke hugging his mom. "What happened?" Dad asked. "I just wanna go home." I said. He nodded. "Vi, I'll see you tomorrow." Luke said, I nodded.


"Violet. Can you help me?" A girl asked. "Sure." I replied. Usually I help tutor students. "So, Kylie all you have to do is just add up the numerator and the denominator, and then divide them by eight." I said. "Thanks." She replied. "Anytime." I replied.

I was walking through the hall, when I saw Lilly stare at me. "Can I help you?" I asked. She shook her head. "Violet!" Someone yelled behind me. It was Michael, one of Luke's friends. "Hey! I was wondering-" "vi, we need to talk." Luke said interrupting Michael. "Im sorry Michael. Text me." I said. He nodded.

"Was Lilly staring at you too?" He asked. "Yea. Like full on staring." I replied. "She scared me." I said. He nodded. "Should we go home?" I asked. "If you want." He replied. "Let's go." I said.

Luke's POV

"Mom, I'm home." I yelled. "Mom?" I asked. I searched the whole house. She wasn't home. But her car was in the driveway. There was banging on my front door. I opened it, revealing a sobbing Violet. "My dad and brother! They aren't home! They aren't answering their phones!" She yelled. "My mom isn't home either." I replied.

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