People Like Us

Violet Carson is a student in high school. Many people sees her as the popular girl, but her best friend, Luke, sees her as Vi, annoying, geeky, and dorky.
Violet and Luke are close. Closer than they thought. They first thought they were normal best friends, but they realize they have something, that they thought no one else had. Read to find out.


9. Chapter Eight

Violets POV

It's been a month since I got hurt. And I healed perfectly, and so did Luke. Mrs. Hemmings is coming over today with Luke so we can get trained. Apparently training is more important than school.

"Levitation. If you can communicate with your mind, you can move things." Dad said. "Violet, you try." He said. Mrs. Hemmings took a vase, and put it on the table. I looked at it for a few seconds. "I can't." I said. "Clear your mind. Don't let any thoughts come. Just focus." Dad said. I took a deep breath. I looked at it, and it shifted into the air.

"Steady. Steady. Stead-" "whoops." I said as the vase dropped. I laughed. "Violet." Dad said. "Sorry. It's funny." I replied. "It won't be funny when you end up in a cage somewhere now would it." Mrs. Hemmings said. "Liz." Dad replied.

Mrs. Hemmings made me really angry. Saying that I would be locked inside a cage for my entire life, like who says that to a seventeen year old?

My face was beat red, and I clenched my fists. The next thing I knew, the windows shattered, glasses shattered, vases shattered, couches moved. "How is she doing that?!" I heard dad yell. "I have no idea! I've never seen anything like it." Mrs. Hemmings replied. "You can do it baby. Show them that you won't be locked away." A voice said. "Mom?" I asked. "Show them. Show Liz and your father. Prove them wrong. Show them that you are a Damon." She said.

The whole house was shattering. "Violet!" Someone yelled. "Violet! Calm down!" He yelled. I dropped to the ground. "What was that?" Dad asked. I could hear everything, but my body wasn't moving. "There's only one person who could do that." Mrs. Hemmings replied.

"Damon's are known for that." Someone said. "What are you doing here?" Dad asked. "Someone called me." He replied. "Well I want you to leave." Dad said. "You know, as your daughters guardian, and her protector, I would think you would be nicer to me." The man replied. "You're not her guardian or protector anymore. After what you did. You don't deserve to come near my daughter." Dad replied.

"She has Damon blood john. And you know what that means." The man said. "Yes, I know. But she isn't like that. She isn't that person. She has her mother talent. Not yours." Dad replied. "Just know that when the time comes, I will be here." He said. "You will never go near her or Luke again." Dad said. "Luke. Luke. I heard that name before." He said. He gasped. "Andrew's son. That's right. I remember when little Luke was born. I was there in the hospital with Andrew. Beautiful baby he was." He said.

I stood up. "Violet." Dad said. "Who's... You're the one who told me my mother was still alive!" I yelled. "You saw her already!" Dad yelled, getting angry. "I had to. Shes-" "we know! Shes your niece!" Dad yelled. "What?" I asked. "Luke is upstairs. Go see him." Dad said. "No." I said. "Violet Isabelle Damon-Carson! Now!" Dad yelled. "Haven't heard that name in a while." I said. "Yes, now go." He said. I sighed, and stomped up the stairs.


Luke's POV

"Try to use it." Mom said. "Mom I can't!" I yelled. "Luke, Violet did it. And so can you. Just clear your mind." She said. I sighed, and did what I was told. I looked at the flower pot. It moved into the air. "Luke! Help! Please! I need-" Violet's voice yelled. The vase dropped, and I dropped to the ground.

Violets POV

"Lilly! Just stop! Your not gonna get to any of us." I said. "You think that. But I will." She said. She tied me to a chair. "You can't hurt me." I said. "No, but he can." She said pointing to James. All my confidence faded. "Start." She said as she left.

"Drink up." James said, pouring alcohol in my mouth. "Sucks doesn't it." He said. He poured more. "Do you want a tattoo?" James asked. Before reading warning: if you don't like needles, don't read this part. I shook my head. "Oh well." He replied, grabbing a clean needle from a table. "Let's put Jaclyn." He said. He put the needle into my skin, and I screamed in pain. "The J is done." He said. "Now for the A." He continued. "Stop!" I yelled. "Nope." He replied. I screamed in more pain.

He stopped, and put the needle down. "What's that? You want more to drink?" He asked. I shook my head. He poured more alcohol into my mouth. "One bottle down." He said. He grabbed another bottle. "Now it's time for the C." He said. "Luke." I said. Then, I totally passed out.

Luke's POV

I ran to a warehouse, the same place Lilly kept our family. I opened the door, and heard screaming. Lilly was no where to be found.

I ran to a room, where i heard the screaming. The screaming stopped, and I heard some noises come from the room. I opened the door, seeing James with a needle in his hand. "James!" I yelled. He smirked. "Shes all yours." He said, as he left. I ran over to Violet. Her head was down, her hair was in her face, her eyes were closed, and her arm was bleeding. I took my shirt off, and wrapped it around her arm.

"Mhm." Violet moaned. I looked over at her, and she was just waking up. She looked at her arm. "What happened?" She asked. "I will tell you later. But, right now, I need to wrap your arm up." I replied. She pulled the shirt off, and stared at her arm. Sh touched her arm. "Ow. Shit." She said. "How's your head?" I asked. "Hurts." She replied. I nodded.

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