Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


18. The End

Chapter 18

 Cynthia had called John Smithens. She really did like John, but did not have the heart to leave her husband. But now she did. She had left at 8 o’clock to go visit him. He was not at his apartment. But he must have really loved her because when she went to the landlord John had left a note for her telling her the new address. She drove to the new address and lived there. They became married after 3 months. They did not have any kids.

            Their dad was recovering from a shot in the arm from war. He waited until he was better to get Alexa. He was terrified of the thought of raising three girls by himself. He received the divorced papers and never heard from Cynthia again.

            Lily received her Guardian Doll for her birthday. Of course she named it Sarah after what Ginger had told her to do. She waited desperately for the day he sister would come home. But for now, she had a big room to herself and she enjoyed it.

            Ginger went back to Dollanda. She went to give lectures at GDU. She would visit Lily and Sarah when necessary, but not too often. Her story went down in Dollanda history, next to that of Elizabeth’s doll.

            As for Alexa she never made it home…..





Thanks for reading! You will just have to stay tuned for the sequel to find out what happened to Alexa! 

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