Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


7. Running Away. Sort-a

                “Mom! Mom! It’s me Alexa do not shoot me!”

                (Alexa heard a little voice saying move). Alexa ran towards the wall. She was in luck that she did. The next thing she heard was a bullet blasting through the wall.

                “Sweetie! Are you ok? I’m so sorry. I thought you were a burglar.”

Alexa broke into tears and fell to the ground. She had not been hit but she was terribly frightened what her mother would do. She heard little footsteps coming towards the.




Lily heard a big bang from her room. She felt terrified. She ran out of her bed to see what was happening. She ran into the hallway to see what was a matter. She saw her twin sister on the floor crying and her mother with a gun in her hands pointed at Alexa. She looked at her mother in total disbelief that she had actually shot her.

“Mommy! You killed her! I hate you! Talk to me Alexa. Are you ok?” cried Lily.

“Lily, I’m ok. Let’s run before she fires again.”

The two girls ran down the stairs and out the door. The hid in the garage. It was not the safest place but it would give them some time.

                “Ginger, what should we do? She tried to kill me!” screamed Alexa.

                Lily laughed, “She is just a doll she can’t talk.”

                “Hi Lily, I am Ginger, Alexa’s Guardian Doll. I suggest you listen to what your mother said. She thought that you were a burglar. She didn’t mean to pull the trigger she was just as scared as you were. That’s why I told you to move.”

                “So you mean we should listen to a stupid doll and go back in a house with someone who tried to kill you. Are you crazy!” questioned Lily. Alexa could see on her face that she was skeptical of the doll.

                “Lil, she technically saved my live. She was the one to tell me to move. That bullet could have went through me and I would have died. Instead I am emotionally shaken.”

                “Fine! She’s your murder not mine,”



                Cynthia sat looking at the gun in her hand. She could not believe she had almost killed her daughter and that she had ran away. She looked out the window. It was very dark out so she figured they mustn’t have gone too far, especially with Lily because she has a major fear of the dark. She put on her jacket and a pair of boots. She grabbed her phone and turned on the flashlight. She went outside. It was fairly cold and windy. And as far as she knew the girls had no jackets on and slippers as shoes. She wondered what her daughter was up to that made her stay up that late. All she knew was that her daughters were gone and she had to find them before sunrise.




Alexa and Lily sat in the dark, cold, damp garage. There was no light. They were thinking about going into their father’s truck to see if there was anything they could use to keep themselves alive. Alexa thought about what Ginger had said. She did not know whether to trust the doll that saved her life or her pessimistic sister who could very well get them killed. It was either go back in the house and pray their mother would not shoot them or have about a ten percent chance of living out in the Idaho mountains. She was ready to take her chances, now to convince her sister.



                Cynthia walked on the sidewalk imagining where she would have gone as a child if she were to run away from home. She looked in the shed and did not see anyone. She walked towards the garage because she heard three little voices talking. “Why was she hearing three,” she thought. She just shrugged her shoulders and knocked on the shed door and hoped for the absolute best.

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