Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


15. Lily Has A Vistor

           Lily sat throwing pebbles at the little fish pond in her backyard. She needed a plan. She was not as bright as Alexa when it came to plans. She swung her feet and hit against the muddy ground. She leaned down to pick up another pebble when she heard a voice. She new it was familiar. She looked up to see a friend.


            Alexa sat on her smelly cot and braided her hair. She had never been so bored in her life. Alexa watched Emma carefully make her bed. Everything was quite precise. An inch uneven and she would start again.  Her pillow had to be dead center. She even used a little ruler she had found to check the inches away from the edges of the bed. Little Emma finally finished her bed. She looked at Alexa’s mess she called a bed and screamed in frustration.

            “Can’t you make a bed!” screamed Alexa stomping her small feet. Then she took a towel and wiped the dust off of her shoes.

            “I’m sorry Emma. I did not mean to make you angry. Do you want me to redo it? Or shall I leave that to you?”

            “You can do it Alexa. I will fix Jennifer’s. She is probably scrubbing the bathrooms with her toothbrush. Just the thought of that makes me disgusted. And she uses it on her teeth too!” ranted little Emma.

            When Emma yelled she looked adorable. Her pale skin turned a bright red. Her little feet stomped the tile floor. And she would scrunch up her little nose like that of a bunny.

            “So what’s your mo like? Nice, like in the movies? Or like Jennifer’s a mean, old lady.”

            “Well my mom is fairly young. She is nice to my sis-“

            “I don’t care about how she is to your sisters! I mean you think she’ll come back. Like to take you home.”

            “She probably won’t I’m not the favorite.”

            Alexa looked down. Emma was making her mad. But, how did a little girl make her so made? Then she realized, she was like Elizabeth. Rude and Nasty.

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