Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


12. Jennifer, Callie, and little Emma

Lily looked out the window and went to her room. She climbed up the ladder and grabbed the note on her pillow. She read it and read it and read it, over and over again. She was in utter disbelief. She was shocked at what her sister had written. She ran to Elizabeth.

            “Look at the not Alexa left!” screamed Lily

            Elizabeth read the note and laughed.

            “That baby” giggled Elizabeth.

            Lily stepped on Elizabeth’s foot and went to her room. She sat on her bed and cried. She would miss her sister. They were the dynamic duo.


            Alexa sat in the car scared. She kept her hands in her smelly, blue jacket. She could not look at what she had previously called her mother. They pulled into the orphanage’s driveway.

            “Alexandra, we have to stop here before we go to grandmas, okay,” said Cynthia.

            Alexa nodded and stepped out of the car. The place looked very gloomy. The brick wall had been spray painted with white spray paint. The grass looked like it hadn’t been cut it years. The driveway was just a bunch of rubble. The American flag that hung from a flag pole was ripped.

            The interior was worse than the exterior. When they walked in the door made a loud noise. The place smelt of mouse feces. The main desk was covered in papers. The carpet looked badly stained.

            “What do you want?” said the receptionist in an annoyed voice.

            “Um.. I called earlier regarding my daughter.”

            “Ok… I will talk to you in there,” said the receptionist pointing to a door, “You can go with the rest of the girls.”

            Alexa walked towards a door that had “Girl’s Room” sloppily written on it. She groaned. She opened the door not knowing what to expect. She saw a few cots and 3 girls in rags.

            “Um… Hi, I’m Alexa. My mom is talking to the lady aat the front desk. What are your names?” said Alexa shyly.

            “I’m Jennifer, trust me try to beg your mom to not put you here. It is horrible.” said a girl with black braids and a ratty dress on.

            “I’m Callie, Jennifer is right.” said a short girl with curly, blonde hair. She smiled nicely. It reminded Alexa of her father’s.

            “I’m Emma, my mommy died and my daddy died too. You’re lucky you have parents.”

            “Well Hi Jennifer, Callie, and Emma. I don’t want to be here either. My daddy left for war and my mom tried to shoot me. Well kinda,” said Alexa, trying to embrace her future family.

            “Alexa, your going to stay here for a little bit. Okay sweetie. Her is your bag,” said Cynthia. She handed her the bag and gave her quick kiss on the head.

            The receptionist shut the door when Cynthia walked out.

            “What did you bring? My mommy and daddy didn’t give me anything.” said Emma.

            Alexa place the bag on a cot on unzipped it. She showed the girls some of te clothes that she had packed. then she pulled out Ginger.

            “Wow! A dolly!” exclaimed little Emma with wide eyes.

             Alexa pushed the doll towards Emma, “You want to hold her? Her name is Ginger.”

            Emma took the doll and held it tightly. 

            “Why, hello girls!” exclaimed Ginger.

            “What the!” screamed Emma.

            “This is Ginger and she is my Guardian Doll.” 

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