Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


8. Elizabeth Awakens. And the Girls are taken


                Alexa and Lily sat talking to Ginger when there was a banging on the door. Alexa went to the side door and peeked out of the small window. It was frigid. Her breath was clouding the glass. All she could she was a bright light. She slightly opened the door.

                “Oh! Sweetheart, I never meant to hurt you. Please come home,” said Cynthia with out stretched arms hoping for a hug.

                Alexa nodded and closed the hug. Lily sat holding the doll between her legs. She looked quickly at her mother and then back at the ground. She was not sure whether to trust her mother. The, almost, murder of her twin sister.



                Elizabeth sat up in her bed. She scratched her head out of confusion. She was not sure what had happened while she dozed off. All she knew was she had been awoken to a loud bang. She walked out of her room not knowing what to except. She saw nothing. She could hear her father snoring but nothing else. She was shocked that her father could sleep through whatever had happened. She inspected the floor to see if there was any clues or blood. She called her mother multiple times hoping for an answer but with each call was none. She then thought that the loud bangs was the sound of a gun shooting her mother. She got goose bumps with the thought of it. She went to the living room to see if there was any cars. There was only three people walking and one with a doll.



                Cynthia wrapped her arms around her two daughters and led them out of the garage. Lily still felt very uncomfortable being near her mother. She kept one eye on her mother’s hand at all times. She held Ginger carefully. She did not want to her the Guardian Doll. When the three were walking up the drive way, Alexa saw her sister’s evil face in through the glass. She was starting to wonder if her sister had plotted the plan.

                Cynthia opened the door and let the girls in. She had figured everyone was awake so she turned on the living room light. Elizabeth pounced at Alexa.

                “You baby! You ran away from home because you could not have your stupid dolly! I stayed up just for this. You scared the living crap out of me with that loud bang. What did you fall? Did you get an Ouchy?” said Elizabeth laughing.

                “Leave me alone! You are such a jerk!” screamed Alexa.

                “Girls! Elizabeth go back to bed. As for you Alexandra you have some explaining to do young lady. Lily, it is OK. Mommy won’t hurt you.”

                Elizabeth and Lily walked back to their rooms. Alexa was expecting an apology for almost getting shoot instead she got a line of pure garbage. 

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