Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


6. Closet Trouble

                                 Alexa’s plan was in full effect after Lily came into their room. Lily was usually a sound sleeper so; Alexa lied in her bed and pretended to sleep until she believed that Lily was 100% asleep. She crawled out of her bed and put on a miniature flashlight she had gotten in a goodie-bag. She went and turned off all of the baby monitors that were set up in their room. Why two 10 year olds needed baby monitors, she did not know. She tip-toed to the door and slowly cracked it open. It made the most annoying noise ever. She wished the door would not creek for her mother was not a sound sleeper. She could hear her father snoring loudly. I was loud enough that she was fairly certain that her mother was already awaken and was probably being very alert.


                                Cynthia, their mother, sat up in her bed reading a book. She heard a creek of the floor but assumed that it was Lily getting her 4:00 am drink of water, although it was rather early because it was only 1:00am. So she got up, and went to the kitchen. She did not see anyone in the kitchen so she turned on the light. Of course there was no one there .She walked down the stairs to the mudroom to see if anyone had entered the house. She was hoping that there was no one intruding in her house.




                Alexa quietly tip-toed out of the room into the hallway. Her plan was to snatch Ginger from the closet and hide her in an old shoe box that she had found earlier that day. Alexa snuck into the closet when she heard footsteps. She hid in the closet. She looked for a light switch. She found one and put it on. She listened carefully to hear if footsteps were coming towards her, they slowly faded but never fully went away. Alexa grabbed an old quilt and placed it in front of the crack under the door to prevent any light from escaping to the hall. She looked on the shelves to see if she saw the doll. She moved a box of Halloween candy and saw ginger sitting there. She grabbed the doll and held it close to her. Tears of joy filled her eyes. She walked to the door and tried to turn the knob. It would not budge. She tried over and over again to open the door. She reached into her pockets to see if she had a bobby pin to pick the lock. There was nothing in her pockets. She was locked in a closet with no key.

                She realized she could not call for help. If she did Ginger would surely took from her. She looked to see if there were any flashlights in case of the light going out. She found two and placed them in a pile.  She then looked for a possible way to get out without breaking the door.

                “Ginger, what should I do?” whispered Alexa trying to not alert anyone.




                Cynthia had taken a bb gun from the vault in the mudroom for her protection. She quietly tip-toed to Elizabeth’s room to alert her and make sure no one was there.

                “Liz, Liz, wake-up,” said Cynthia nudging Elizabeth.

                “What! Leave me alone Lily!” groaned Elizabeth.

                “Sweetheart it is your mother. Not to alert you but there is someone lurking in the house. If you see or hear anyone in your room scream as loud as you can. I will knock three times before I enter so you know not to scream and wake anyone.”

                “Ok. Do not be scared mother. It will certainly be ok.”

                Cynthia left her daughter’s room shutting the door quietly. She withdrew the gun from her hand and placed it her pocket. She never let go of it fearing that she would drop it. She was very nervous. She went and lied back in her bed. She was at full alertness.



                “Alexa, you need to stay calm. Your best shot is to try to find something that will be able to be put in the lock,” said Ginger in her sweet voice.

                Alexa nodded her head. She looked on shelves. She moved a box to the floor to get a better look at it. Inside were letters and her phone. She looked at her phone and saw she had 10 messages from Josh. She was about to reply when she remembered the task on hand. She went through the box to see if there was anything little. Instead she found a bunch of letters to her mother signed John Smithens. They were love letters. Her father was not John Smithens. She read one of the letters.

                “Dear Cynthia, I have loved you since I have laid eyes on you in that café on 9/24/02. You are beautiful women who I would love to get together with. My friend, your boss Kyle, gave me your address. Please reply to me at 100 Plaza Street. I would like to see your beautiful smile again and show it to my parents. Love you boo, John Smithens.”

                Alexa found the letters absolutely gross. She put it back in the box and moved on. She finally found a box with some bobby pins in it. She took one and put it in the lock. The handle turn and the door opened. Alexa flipped on the flashlight. She turned off the light in the closet and put away the blanket. She grabbed Ginger and crept out the door. She thought she was in the clear until she heard, “Hands up, I am armed!”

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