Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


5. Bye-Bye Ginger

                  When she got home Alexa’s mother was waiting at the door for her and Lily. The two walked in and put their shoes away. They hung their backpacks on their assigned hooks. Alexa took her jacket and put it in the dirty pile. Lily put hers in the ironing pile. They went to the kitchen to grab a quick snack. Alexa searched for any sweets she could find. Of course there were none because their mom was on a diet. Lily took a orange and Alexa settled for yogurt. They took napkins and unfolded them to put on the table. They sat and ate their snacks quietly. Once finished they headed to the living room to watch some television before they did their homework.

                “Alexandra! Why did I get a call from your principal saying you were suspended?”

                “Mother I did not do anything wrong! It was Brooke’s fault!” said Alexa.

                “Alexandra go to your room. I am canceling your dance lessons for the rest of the season.”

                Alexa walked upstairs crying and went to room. She grabbed Ginger and placed her on the bed.

                “Ginger, why did I get in trouble for her actions? It is not fair!”

                “Alexa, I was the one that convinced the principal to suspend you.”


                “I knew your mother would never keep you home sick so I had the principal suspend you so she has to. I was just trying to help.”

                “You did not help! Now I am not allowed to dance for the rest of the school year! It is not fair!:

                “I didn’t mean any harm please forgive me Alexa,” said Ginger.

                All of the sudden Alexa heard her mother coming. she put her finger up to her lip signaling Ginger to shush. Her mother opened the door and looked at Alexa.

                “Alexandra you are in so much trouble! I am taking away your phone too.”

                Alexa handed her mother her phone. She held Ginger behind her back.

                “What is behind your back? Hand it over!”

                Alexa handed the doll to her mom. She started to cry.

                “And this will be gone for a while too. It is about time you grow up.”

                Alexa’s mother walked out of the room. Alexa stomped in frustration. She knew without that doll she would be in deep trouble. She grabbed Lily’s binoculars from her dresser. She peeked out the door and looked through them. She saw her mom go to the closet and put in in there. She took out a journal and started jotting down a plan. She was going to get that doll back.


Sorry this chapter is so short.

Happy New Year. Comment down below your favorite part of the story.

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