Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


11. Bye-Bye Alexa

Alexa sat and stared at the top bunk. She was scared. She deiced to grab Ginger from where Lily hid her last night.

            “Is she really going to send me to an orphanage? What should I do? Get my dad back!” screamed Alexa frantically.

            “Calm down! It should be okay. She was probably in the heat of the moment. But, if she says anything about packing suitcase or anything, bring me.” said Ginger.

            Alexa nodded and started to quietly weep.


            “Hello is this Angel’s Orphanage,” asked Cynthia, “I need an orphanage for my 10 year old daughter.”

            “This is Angel’s Orphanage; I need to know, what is the reason for this child being sent here. I would prefer to talk to you and this child in person if it is acceptable.” said the receptionist.

            “I can come. But my daughter cannot. She is at a psychotherapy meeting. She is being released today. I can meet whenever you are available.”

            “Today at 4 is good. Why was your daughter in psychotherapy?’

            “She got in a fight with a girl in school because the girl punched her and she threw up on her. The school sent her there because they thought that it was a bullying technic. It was absolutely crazy.”

            “Ok. I will see you at four then correct?”

            “Four it is. I will try to bring my daughter. Should she pack a bag or something?”

            “She may pack one bag.”

            Cynthia hung up the phone and smiled. She was so excited to get rid of the brat.


            Alexa paced around the room. She was very nervous. She looked out her window once or twice to make sure there were no random cars outside. There were none. She looked at the clock. It was 3:00. She kept on pacing. She did not know of the phone call yet. But she would in a minute.


            Cynthia tapped on the door. She started to crack it opened when she started to second guess herself. She opened the door and peaked in to Alexa pacing. She looked around because she could not look at her daughter.

            “Alexandra, grandma invited you to go to her house for the weekend. Pack one bag. Meet me done stairs in 20 minutes,” said Cynthia.


            Alexa started to cry. Ginger was correct. She grabbed a ladybug suitcase and put it on her bed. She put some shirt and shorts on the bottom of the bag. Then she grabbed Ginger and laid her down carefully. Then, she put more clothes and a picture of her, Lily, and her dad on top. She zipped the bag up. She went to her dresser and took a piece of paper and wrote a note to Lily.

            “Dear Lily, Do not be surprised if I don’t come back. Ginger said to ask for a doll for your birthday. Name her Sarah. She will tell you what to do to get me back. Love you, Alexa.”

            She placed the note on Lily’s pillow. She walked out of the room dragging the suitcase behind her. She went to the kitchen and nodded to her mother to signify she was ready. She hugged Lily and whispered in her ear.

            “Don’t get rid of the note on your pillow.”

            Lily pulled back and looked at her sister. She did not say a word. Alexa walked out the door. She looked back at the house; she once called her home and got in the car. 

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