Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


4. An Unfair Ruling


                “Hello Ms. King.” said Alexa as she walked in.

                “Hello Ms. Partil please take a seat next to Ms. Thomas.” said Ms. King the principal.

                Alexa did as she was told. She sat in a blue chair next to Brooke. Brooke was biting her fingers nails, her symbol for fear. Alexa cracked her knuckles.

                “Now girls, I have heard you had a minor fight on the bus today. I saw the bus tape so do not lie. Please explain to me, without screaming, what exactly happened on the bus this morning. If you tell the truth your punishment will not be as bad. Alexandra I want to hear you side first.”

                “Ok. So I got on the bus and the only seat left was next to Brooke. So I sat down and did not say a word. Then Brooke started mocking me about my hair and that I had a hat on. So I told her to stop and she did not. When I called my siblings and Josh for help they didn’t listen. she punched me in the stomach causing me to throw up. The End,” replied Alexa.

                “Ok, thank you Ms. Partil. Now Ms. Thomas I want to hear your side of the story.”

                “Um… OK. So I was minding my own business when Alexa sat down next to me and started telling me I was stupid. So I got mad and mocked her hair. Josh wanted to give me back my book so I leaned across Alexa to get it and by accident hit her in the stomach.” said Brooke.

                “Ok thank you girls. Brooke can you get Josh and Lily for me? Alexandra can you get Elizabeth?”

                “Elizabeth went home.” replied Alexa

                “Oh ok.” said the principal.

                “I’ll go get Lily and Josh,” said Brooke.

                Brooke ran out the door and Alexa sat in the office. It was pretty cold and you could hear the rain coming down. In a few minutes Brooke was back with Lily and Josh. The pulled up two seats and sat down.

                “Lily and Josh  you were witnesses of the fight on the bus this morning, right?”

                “Yes” replied the two in unison.

                “Ok, Lily dear, will you go wait outside? Josh I need you to stay here. As for you two,” (meaning Brooke and Alexa), “Go to the nurse’s office and say that I said to sit there until further notice.”

                Alexa, Brooke, and Lily all walked outside. Lily sat in the chair outside the room looking very confused. Alexa and Brooke went to the nurse’s office and sat on the squishy seats she had for kids that were waiting.

                Back inside the guidance office, “Now Joshua what exactly happened on the bus this morning? Did you  or did you not have a book that belonged to Alexa?” questioned the principal.

                “I didn’t have anything of Brooke’s. I was texting my mom to tell her I love her.”

                “Bring your phone here I want to see if the times match up with the security footage. Here is a pass so you won’t get in trouble,” said the principal handing him a note.

                Josh went to the class room and got his phone. No one questioned what he was doing with a phone in his hand.

                “Here Ms. King,” said Josh handing her the phone.

                “Hm… Hm… Ok the times match up and the video does not really y show her leaning across so I guess that Brooke was lying. Please get Ms. Lily Partil in here.”

                Josh walked outside and sent Lily in. Lily walked in and sat down. She kept on biting her finger nails.

                “Hello, Lily. So from what I understand Alexa called for your help. Is this correct?’

                “Yes mam.”

                “Why did you not help your twin sister?”

                “I was about to beat my high score on Flappy Bird.”

                “Really? That is your excuse for not helping your sister!”

                “Yes, Ms. King it is. Now can I go back to class. I am missing a math test.”

                “Yes, proceed back to class. But have Brooke come down here. Tell Alexandra to wait.”

                “I will”

                Lily walked out of the guidance office. She waked to the nurse’s office and told Brooke that the principal wanted her. Brooke walked to the office and knocked on the door. She walked in and sat down. For a few minutes they sat in silence. The principal sat shaking her head.

                “Ms. Thomas please call you mother to pick you up. You are suspended for 2 days. But first get Alexandra in here.”

                Brooke walk out of the room crying. She got Alexa and brought her back. Alexa sat down.

                “Ms. Partil I am truly disappointed in your actions. You are suspended for 1 day and will have after school detention for the next week. Please call your mother.”

                “But, Ms. King…”

                “There will be no buts my ruling is final. Call your mother now! I would like to speak to her about your smart mouth. Go to your class and get your stuff. I want you to write a 600 word essay why you are being so disrespectful to your principle and classmates. Leave now!”

                Alexa and Brooke walked out of the classroom crying. Alexa had no clue what she had done wrong. Brooke was afraid that her mother would take away her Pear pad. They packed up all of their things and walked to the main office with great shame. Brooke’s mother was already there waiting.

                “Brooke Margret Thomas! You apologize to her right now! You are grounded for a month.”

                Brooke turned toward Alexa and said “Sorry Alexa.”

                Brooke left with her mother. Alexa sat waiting for her mother to come. She had waited and hour already when the principal came out and questioned where her mother was. Alexa had no clue. Before she knew it, it was 3:00, time for bus call. Alexa waited for bus 19 to be called. When it was she got on the bus and sat quietly thinking of what punishment her mother would think of.

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