Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


3. A Set up for Trouble.

                 Once they arrived at school, Alexa and Brooke were sent to the nurse to get new clothes. Brooke got her clothes from her mom in one phone call.

                “But Ms. Mitchel I really do think Alexa’s throw up had rabies in it.” complain Brooke.

                “She did not Ms. Thomas. Now that you are clean, the principle would like to see you in her office, “said the nurse.

                Brooke walked out of the room. It was only Alexa and the nurse and some kid that had left his glasses on the bus.

                “Now Ms. Partil how are you feeling?’

“Um, ok I guess.” replied Alexa

`”Call your mother you need a change of clothes and should really be sent home.”

Alexa picked up the phone and called her home number. No one answered so she called her mom’s cell phone.

“Hello? Who is this. It better be important,”

                “Hi mom, it’s me Alexa. It is important. I threw up on the bus and the nurse said to call you because I need a change of clothes and she said I should really be sent home.”

                “I… um… have a meeting, bye.” and she hung up the phone.

                “So what did she say,” asked the nurse.

                “She said she had a meeting.”

                “Dial her number I want to talk to her.”

                Alexa dialed her mom’s number and handed the nurse the phone. She knew her mother’s opinion would not change. But it was worth a shot. Alexa looked out the window and saw the rain. She hoped her mom’s opinion would change.

                “Hello Mrs. Partil? This is Alexa’s school nurse. She is very sick and should really go home. Her clothes have puke on them and her fever is rather high. So it would be best if you take her home.”

                “She is a little faker and she is not coming home my husband and I am out.”

                The nurse hung up the home and told Alexa to go to the bathroom and try to clean herself with a paper towel. A few minutes later Alexa hears a familiar voice. It was Elizabeth complaining of a sore throat. Of course Alexa thought that she knew that mother would say to stay in school but mother said she would pick Elizabeth up, talk about favoritism. Alexa walked out of the bathroom when Elizabeth went to get her stuff. The nurse told her to go back to class so she did.

                Alexa walked to her classroom and knocked on the door hoping Brooke would not answer it. Thankfully Brooke was not in the classroom and Bailey opened it. Of course Bailey gave her a weird look but so did the rest of the class so she did not feel as victimized. Alexa put her backpack in the cubby with the label Alexandra Partil. She shoved her smelly jacket in there after she took out all of her books. She threw her beanie in the garbage on her way to her desk. When she sat down Josh gave her the worksheet the rest of the class was working on. In the corner of her eye she could see Bella and Bailey pointing at her giggling. Alexa looked at her multiplication worksheet and yawned. The problems were very easy for Alexa. She was done in 5 minutes. She put her head in her hands and wept quietly.

                “Alexandra, please come here,” said her teacher.

                Alexa walked to the teacher’s desk trying to wipe the tears from her eyes.

                “The principle would like to talk to you in the guidance office. Here,” said the teacher handing her a hall pass.

                Alexa took the hall pass and walked into the hallway. She saw Elizabeth walking with her backpack into the nurse’s office where their mom was signing her out. Alexa walked into the guidance room. She knocked on the door to only see the back of Brooke’s head, the principle, and the guidance teacher. The principal signal her into the room. This was a set up for failure. 

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