Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


16. A lot of confusion

Chapter 16
    Lily looked at the crazy red-head in front of her. “What’s up G?”
    “Nothing much.”
    “How’s Alexa doing?” questioned Lily.    
    “She was picking a fight with Emma and is still a little upset about her bad encounter with Brooke.”
    “That’s great. Hopefully she will be home soon!”
    Yeah, hopefully.” said G. She looked down at her pink shoes.
    “Lily, Gianna time for lunch!” called Cynthia.
    The girl went running to the porch where Cynthia meet them with grilled cheese sandwiches and pink lemonade, Alexa’s favorite.
Ginger played dead. She hid under a tree, praying that the little girl’s mother would drag the child along. The mother did indeed. But, this little girl insisted on seeing Ginger. She broke free from her mother’s firm grip. She bolted to where Ginger laid. The pigtail girl grabbed Ginger and giggled.  
    “Hi, dolly! I like you! Are you lost?” said the girl, “I’m Katie. I’m this many!” Katie held up 4 fingers, indicating that she was 4 years old. 
Ginger became less afraid. The girl held Ginger and skipped to her mother. The mother looked around to make sure no one was watching. She took the doll out of Katie’s little fingers. She turned and walked toward the trash. She wanted her daughter to stay away from the mystery doll.  To do so, she would have to come to extreme measures, the trash.
    Alexa looked at the wooden door after someone called her name. There stood an old lady. He hair was dyed black but you could see streaks of gray peeking through. Her hair was knotted and scraggly at the ends. Her glasses rested on her noses as she gave Alexa the evil eyebrow. 
    “Little girl, hurry now. We must go before the monsters arrive. Hehehaha” said the lady in a stereotypical witch voice.
    Alexa coughed. She started walking toward the scary lady. She expected her to pull out a wand and cast some sort of magical spell. But she did not. Instead she took her to the meeting room. On the phone was Lily.
    “Hey Alexa, Ginger came about an hour ago some little kid brought her. I have a plan, you want to hear it.”
    “Yes mom, I have been a good girl.” said Alexa not sure if the lady knew that it was her twin on the phone not her mother.
    “Alexa, dad is coming home in a week. HE got hurt. We can get you home!”
    “That’s great! I’m so happy Elizabeth is enjoying camp!”
    “Oh. Got to go. Mom is coming bye.” the line went flat. 
Alexa smiled. She was going to get home.  Now the only thing that had to go through is her father would have to heal, sneak around, and believe Lily.


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