Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


2. A Bad Morning

                 “Beep, beep” went the alarm clock. While reaching over to turn it off Alexa hit her phone and dropped it. She went to the door and turned on the light switch. She picked up her phone to see if she got any messages. There were no messages. She went on her email and there were no messages. She put down her phone and went to the restroom. When she came back Lily went to the restroom.

                “Alexa do not let the bullies get to you today,” whispered Ginger.
                “I won’t”

                Alexa grabbed her phone and went down stairs. she sat at the breakfast table. She looked out the window and her friend Josh’s house. Her mother was buttering her toast when Elizabeth came down stairs.

                “You baby! You can’t even butter your own toast Ha-Ha!” laughed Elizabeth rudely.

                “Elizabeth that is enough from you, young lady! Why not try to be nice today.” said their mother calmly.

                Alexa, Lily, and Elizabeth sat quietly eating their toast. Alexa was taking a sip of her orange juice when their dad came down. No one said a word for about ten minutes while they ate their breakfast. Finally, when Alexa went to put her plate in the sink their dad broke the silence.

                “So Alexa, I heard you got in a fight with your sister yesterday. I just want you to know that under this roof that is not allowed.”

                “Yes dad I understand.”

                Alexa and Lily went to the mud room to get their shoes. Elizabeth sat at the table texting her “boyfriend”, Jimmie.

                “Elizabeth, put your phone away. James can wait until school,” order their mom.

                Elizabeth put her phone in her pocket and headed to the mud room. Alexa had on her light blue jacket on and a pink beanie. She was in the middle of putting on her purple boots on when Elizabeth walked in.

                “You don’t even have style! No wonder why you are bullied so much. You r ugly, no one would ever want to be your friend. You are such a little twerp. I’m surprised you have not hung yourself you are so pathetic.” said Elizabeth to Alexa.

                “Stop! I am sick of it. Leave me alone,” yelled Alexa.

                “Whatcha gonna do about it?” mocked Elizabeth.

                Alexa looked down at the floor and swayed back and forth for she knew she could do nothing. She opened the front door and looked into the gloomy sky. It look if it was about to pour. Just what she needed, rain. Rain meant indoor recess meaning being stuck in a room for 45 minutes with Brooke, Bailey, and Bella, the three evil B’s.

                Alexa skipped to the bus stop. Lily came running after her.

                “You forgot your lunch, Alexa” said Lily.

                Alexa took her lunch box and put it in her back pack trying to hide it from her sister. She went to talk to her friend Josh. Lily stood next to her playing on her phone. They talked about the day before’s homework. The bus finally came and parked at the stop.

                “Morin’ kids!” exclaimed Sue, the bus driver.

                Alexa walked on the bus and looked to see if there was any seats left in the 2nd grade section. Of course there is one two seater and one seat available next to the evil queen Brooke. Lily and Josh, who were in front of Alexa, took the left over two seater. Alexa looked at Brooke and sat down not saying a word. Like always Brooke had three gallons of make-up on. She was carrying her pocket-book the she claimed was $200.

                “Hi Alexa, aww… your hair is too ugly to show. I mean your that beanie is probably uglier than the bird’s nest underneath it.” said Brooke in her super annoying voice.

                “No it is not!” replied Alexa.

                “Oh, so you don’t mind if I do this?” said Brooke as she pulled of Alexa’s beanie.

                “Stop!” screamed Alexa, who was now very mad.

                “Aww.. You think I’m gonna stop, that’s cute,” teased Brooke.

                “Elizabeth! Josh! Lily! Help!”

                ‘You need help? Here!” said Brooke right before she punched Alexa in the gut.

                “What’s wrong?” said Lily still looking at her phone.

                “I think... I think... I gonna… BLAH!” said Alexa right before she hurled all over Brooke’s arm that was punching Alexa over and over again.

                “Gross! All over my brand new designer jacket. You will pay!” screamed Brooke






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