Guardian Dolls

When Alexa finds her self in trouble her "Guardian Doll" comes to save the day.


1. Meet Ginger

                “Mom, do you know where my headphones are?” yelled Elizabeth.

                “Do not scream across the house sweetheart. They are where you last left them,” replied her mother.

                “Ugh!” grunted Elizabeth.

                She searched through the red bucket where she kept all of her electronics. There were tablets, chargers, cases, but no headphones. She looked on her dresser where they were last. There was nothing except for her phone.

                “Lily, did you take my head phones without my permission?”

                “No. Well, I did but then I gave them to Alexa,” replied Lily, ratting out her twin sister Alexa.

                “You little! Alexandra!! Hand them over you little brat. You are forbidden from touching them!”

                “But… but,” whispered Alexa.

                “I’m waiting. Hand them over now!” screamed Elizabeth.

            Alexa unplugged the headphones from her phone and handed them to Elizabeth not saying a word. She put her phone on her wooden night stand and looked at Elizabeth walk out of the room. She stood up and got her favorite doll, Ginger. Alexa held Ginger and walked to the play room.

                Elizabeth chuckled and said, “Alexandra you idiot! You are 10 and you still play with dolls. How utterly pathetic you are.  I have never met a kid at your age that still plays with baby dolls!”

                “Lily plays with dolls” cried Alexa.

                “Yeah she ‘plays’ with dolls! You mean she has dolls. She isn't as obsessive as you are! You are such a loser.”

                At this point tears poured out of Alexa’s blue eyes. Alexa felt very angered with her older sister. So, she kicked her in the back of her knee. Elizabeth fell to the ground crying.

                “And I’m the baby,” said Alexa.

                Alexa ran down stairs before Elizabeth got up. While she was running, her dog, Scout, got In the way and she tripped over him. She fell on the ground and heard her nose crack. Elizabeth was right behind her laughing.

                “Ha-ha! You fell over a stupid dog. Even a two year old wouldn't do that. You are such a spaghetti legged weird-o,” said Elizabeth, “Oh and mom she kicked my knee!”

                “Alexandra, young ladies do not kick other people! Where are your manners! You are to go to your room and stay there all night. And you will not be receiving supper. Do I make my self clear young lady?” screamed her mother.

                “Yes mom,” replied Alexa.

                “And you should not be wearing your play sneakers in the house. They are supposed to be in the mud room. Now my house is dirty and your Uncle Tom is visting tomorrow. Do you want me to look like a pig?”

                “No mom.”

                “Well go on. Put those shoes away and go to your room.”

                Alexa put her head down and walked to the mud room. She took off her sneakers and put them in her cubby. She did not see any mess on the floor but she knew she must not complain. She grabbed Ginger off of the dining room table and saw Elizabeth sitting on the couch with her knee being iced. Alexa walked up the stairs to her and Lily’s room. Alexa walked into the room and sat on her bed. Lily looked up at her and walked out of the room. Alexa placed Ginger across from her on the bed.

                “Why Ginger? Why do I get in trouble for my wrong actions but Elizabeth never does? It is truly not fair to me. I always am the one in trouble even when I do not start it. If only you could tell me why. I cannot wait to be in charge of my own life one day. My life here is horrible.” complained Alexa to her doll.

                “Alexa life is not really that horrible look at the kids in Africa.” said Ginger.

                Alexa jumped and looked at her doll. “Y.. you… you.. can’t talk…your. .your... A doll!” screamed Alexa.

                “Hi Alexa, I am your Guardian Doll, Ginger Prescott. I am here to help you come over some of the difficult problems you may face in your childhood. I will not be needed when you get older but for now I am here to help your every need. I just finished training right before you got me two months ago so I am a little inexperienced but please except me. You cannot tell anyone about me or this conversation. Am I being too loud? Oh gosh I am being too loud I am going to get in trouble. What should I do? I do not even know if I should be talking to you. I have said too much. AHHHHHHHH!” explained Ginger.

                “You do not need to worry Ginger. They will just think I am talking to  myself. I guess my life is not as bad as they kids in Africa. I mean at least I have you. If Guardian dolls help you, then why does Elizabeth not like dolls?”

                “Well, Elizabeth is a long story. Actually her doll, Lizzy, gave a speech at Guardian Doll University.”

                “Wait, you have your own university?”

                “Yep, we have our own university. As I was saying Elizabeth and her doll had a bad connection. You see her doll was very experienced. She had already worked with two other children. We are here to help children make good decisions. When the owner disobeys us we walk away for we feel not needed. Lizzy told Elizabeth not to go to a party at her friend’s house because she felt something bad would have.  Elizabeth said that the doll was S-T-U-P-I-D. She went to the party anyway. While she was at the party Elizabeth was pushed off of a trampoline and broke her arm. Lizzy felt as if she was no longer needed to help Elizabeth and went back to Dollanda. There she taught classes of how to control kids with big egos and bad attitudes. Elizabeth was very upset because her Lizzy doll was her very best friend. They did everything together. So Elizabeth started to hate dolls because she left her.” 


                 “I remember that day. She kept on saying that stupid doll. If only I could find that stupid doll! I would… I would.”

                “Sweetie please do not say S-T-U-P-I-D in front of the word doll.  She was very angered at Lizzy and the heads of Dollanda understood that but we could not risk Lizzy getting hurt. So, we kept her away from Elizabeth. We assume the Elizabeth does very much miss Lizzy but it was for her own safety.”

                “Wait Shh!”

                “Hi honey. Aw there’s my little princesses. Where is Alexandra?” said her dad.

                “That little brat kicked me again!” screamed Elizabeth.

                “She has anger problems. You know that Elizabeth. You have to tell her that she is wrong not scream like you probably did.” noted their Dad.

                “That is my father. He is probably the only one in this family that actually cares about me,” said Alexa.

                “My little princesses need to hear something. I will need to explain this to Alexa later. Girls as you know I am in the army. I have been departed to a base in Kentucky. This is very far from our home here in California. I will be leaving in a week. I am not 100 percent sure when I will return.” explained their dad.

                “I will truly miss you father.” replied Elizabeth.

                “Me too,” said Lily.

                I sounded if Lily was crying. Alexa knew that Elizabeth would probably be happy because father was the only one that actually defended Alexa.
                “Listen Alexa,” said Ginger,” I want you to know that if you have any problems you can tell me, ok? This is my job.”

                “OK. I must go to bed now before father comes up here. I want him to think I was sleeping and didn’t hear him.” said Alexa.

                “OK sweetheart. But do not forget to put your pajamas on. We do not want to crush your brand new skirt. Now do we?”

                “OK, do you mind turning?”

                Ginger turned her head towards the wall. Alexa went to her dresser and opened the draw. Then she picked out a blue night gown and put it on. She put her hair up in two pigtails, brushed them, and walked back towards her bed. She picked Ginger up brought her to the doll bed across the room. She laid the 18 inch doll down and put the doll’s “blanket” on. She went back to her bed and laid  down staring at Lily’s bunk above her.

                “Ginger, what about Lily? Does she have a Guardian Doll?”

                “Lily’s doll is still in college. I am pretty sure she is a senior. She will probably be here next year. I have met her already.  Most of the time, dolls that are going to the same house meet to discuss how the household is doing and what needs to be changed. She was actually supposed to be yours but we deiced to switch because you needed yours sooner than Lily did and I had already finished college.”


                “Tap, tap, tap,” went mother’s heels. Alexa pulled up the covers and shut her eyes tightly. The door opened and her mother switched on the light. She looked around and left.

                “That was a close one. Good night Ginger.”

                “Good night Alexa.”




























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