Not My Kind of Thing

Emily has lead a simple, boy-free life. But will Mr. Hemmings: Rockstar change things? Who knows? Oh wait, I do. And you can too! Comment and tell me what you want to hear, I'll try to put it in.


1. We aren't friends?

           "Soon you shall have an unexpected encounter" I said "that's what my fortune teller said."

           "What does that even mean?" Inquired Emma

           "Why would I know?"

            Some days I feel like a love sick little puppy, like I'm just waiting for that perfect guy. Am I to picky? No, I just have tight standards. Even though I've never had a boyfriend, I know that when I meet him our hands will touch, and we'll look into each others eyes. Oh! I just can't wait for that day. Love. It feels so warm in my head, just the thought.


          I looked over to Emma expecting to see her, only to find not only that we had parted ways. But, she was flirting with a guy. "Expected" I thought. Emma's almost, ALMOST, as love sick as me. Except for the fact that she'll flirt with the first guy she finds.


          "Yo! Emily! Come here, I want you to meet this guy!" Oh god, Emma.

          "Emma, this guy is obviously a player, I can insure you that he has at least 6 girls he's made  out with today, and I'm sure half of them either  now have STD's or have been impregnated."

          "You know what Emily? I'm not going to take any of your bullshit any longer! You know what? I bet you're just jealous! Where you have trouble with men, I can wrap them around my finger with the bat of an eyelash! Don't expect us to hang out after school tomorrow, or any day."


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