Not My Kind of Thing

Emily has lead a simple, boy-free life. But will Mr. Hemmings: Rockstar change things? Who knows? Oh wait, I do. And you can too! Comment and tell me what you want to hear, I'll try to put it in.


3. RockStar

After I left the library I got a text from Luke.

"Hey Emily"

I panicked and was about to call Emma when I realized, we weren't friends anymore. I'm screwed, what am I going to write?

"Hey Rockstar" That sounds good, right?

"You go to Rydel don't you?" Finally, a question I can answer.

"Yeah, I got Mr. Hemmings, he's a real hard ass."



"Em, that's my dad." You've got to be fucking kidding me.

"I'm so sorry, I had no idea." I turned my phone off and felt it buzzing 5-7 times a minute with texts. Then I got a ring, expecting it to be Emma, right, we aren't friends anymore.

"Hello you have the sex addiction hotline, how may I assist you?" I smiled at my own dumb joke.

" Hi, Em. I didn't know you worked for a sex addiction hotline."

"Actually they hired me because I called in so often."

"Oh, listen, I got to go.."

We talked for a while after that talking about this and that, I knew I had to keep my distance, but can I really help it?

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