Not My Kind of Thing

Emily has lead a simple, boy-free life. But will Mr. Hemmings: Rockstar change things? Who knows? Oh wait, I do. And you can too! Comment and tell me what you want to hear, I'll try to put it in.


2. library


-Finally Updated sorry guys, here you go! By the way I'm starting with POVs or Point of Views, just to make it less confusing. One more thing, I'm sorry my chapters are so short. I've been busy!-

Emily's POV😍

After my fight with Emma I headed to the one place where I felt like I was me, the library. I know it sounds dorky but it's the last place my mom took me before she died. Anyway let's get out of all of this depressing shit.

As I entered the library I was greeted by the musty smell of old, untouched books. I walked to my favorite book section; Romance. I looked through the books reciting them before touching them. Then I saw a book I had never seen before. I felt my hand touch something.

"I'm sorry" I looked to see who I had bumped into, It was a guy. I looked into his hazel eyes, Damn. He's hot, ok I guess that's a little shallow. But he still was.

"I'm Lucas, my friends all call me Luke." Even his voice was hot, deep and musky. I blushed realized what I was thinking, it was me, I had never believed in love.

"I'm Emily" he smiled. What the hell is happening?

"Well then, Emily" he said, blushing slightly. "Would you, go out with me? Or can at least get your number?"

I grabbed a page of a book, considering writing on it. Then putting it back because I'd be in some deep shit if I did that.

He obviously saw me searching frantically, then handed me his IPhone. 320-262-7569, Next to my name I put a little heart Emoji.

"See ya later, rockstar." I smiled at him then walked out.

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