Brothers bandmate

Ariana is the sister of Luke Hemmings, since she have been away from years, traveling with their aunt her and Luke haven't seen each other in years. Even tho they don't see each other she still keeps up with his life by watching videos and being on social media. One day she comes home to surprise her brother and he invites her on tour with him and his bandmates, since they haven't seen her for years either they can't seem to take their eyes off her since she have changed, a lot. She starts getting feelings for Ashton and he feels the same but Luke doesn't want the boys anywhere near her that way.


1. Sibling love

I got out of the car and looked at the oh so familiar house I used to spend everyday in with my older brother Luke. I smiled big and walked up to the front door and took a deep breath. For the first time in years I'm going to see my brother again and I can't wait. I opened the door and walked in, I looked around, the walls, studying the family pictures I used to see everyday, the same smell hit me, the smell of my family.

"Hello?" I heard a deep voice say and I couldn't help it but a tear ran down my cheek. I heard steps walking down the stairs and then I saw him, my loved brother Luke.

"ARI" He yelled and ran to me, picked me up and spun me around. I giggled and had my arms wrapped around him tightly and his were wrapped around mine tightly.

"I missed you so much" he mumbled and sat me down again.

"I missed you too Lukey" I said looking up at him, we both smiled big and pulled in for another tight hug, gosh I missed his hugs so much.


"So I know you've only been home for a few hours and I really don't wanna pressure you but do you wanna go on your with me and the boys?" He asked as we laid on each our side of the sofa watching tv.

"of course Luke" I said smiling at him. "I can't wait to see the other boys again" I continued and we both smiled again. Since I got home we've watched movies and talked about what we've been up to. I'm so proud of how far my brother have become.


”ready to go?" Luke asked from my doorframe as I closed my suitcase. I looked over at him and nodded. He smiled and took my 2 suitcases, yes 2 but it's a long tour and I'm a girl, duh.

"just gonna go to the toilet quickly then I'll come down" I said and ran to the toilet.


*Luke's pov* 

I walked into the tour bus with Ariana's suitcases and the boys came to me all excited for meeting her again.

"okay boys, before she comes we need to get something clear. None of you are even thinking about nearing her in any other way than friendly. Got it?" I said being that protective brother.

"calm down dude, we have met her before" Calum said and they all nodded. I looked out the window to see if she was coming yet.

"well she have changed. A lot" I said and before they could say anything she stepped into the bus and all the boys, well. Looked at her ways I didn't like as that protective brother.

*Ariana's pov*

i stepped into the bus and there stood all the boys looking at me making me feel kinda uncomfortable. I looked at them all but Ashton made me stop my glance and I couldn't get my eyes of him again. After a few seconds they attacked me with hugs.

"ARIIIII" they all said making me laugh.

"hi boys" I giggled and they pulled away.


Later that day we all just sat and talked, making jokes and laughed. I sat next to Calum, Luke and Michael in front of us and Ashton sat on the floor, don't ask. I've gotten really close with Calum, he's such an amazing friend, he always has been.

"guys it's getting really late I'm going to bed I said and hugged them all goodnight and when I got to Calum, he kissed my cheek making me smile. I walked into the 'bedroom' kinda thing and got in bed.


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