Brothers bandmate

Ariana is the sister of Luke Hemmings, since she have been away from years, traveling with their aunt her and Luke haven't seen each other in years. Even tho they don't see each other she still keeps up with his life by watching videos and being on social media. One day she comes home to surprise her brother and he invites her on tour with him and his bandmates, since they haven't seen her for years either they can't seem to take their eyes off her since she have changed, a lot. She starts getting feelings for Ashton and he feels the same but Luke doesn't want the boys anywhere near her that way.


3. First show

"Ari.. Wake up" I heard my brothers voice quietly saying shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw him standing there, not as close as Calum yesterday, really nice waking up like this.
"Sorry I woke you up earlier, didn't want the boys to wake you" he said smiling at me making me smile too.
"Thank you Lukey" I said, sloppily getting out of bed and found some clothes.
"Morning beautiful" I heard Ashton's voice say behind me making me stop looking, just standing there for a few secs and then turning around to see him standing there smiling at me.
"Good morning ash" I said walking over to him and hugged him and he hugged me tightly back.
"So there's actually a blah ground not so long away from the bus, wanna go there with me after breakfast?" He said trying to sound serious but ended up giggling his adorable giggle.
"Ofc ash" I said giggling. He smiled and walked away letting me pick my clothes. I found my black ripped jeans and nirvana t-shirt. I went to the bathroom but somebody was using it, omg.
"Hurry upppp, whoevers in there" I said loud enought for them to hear it.
"Sorry baby sis gotta fix my hair" said Luke from the other side of the door. I pouted and turned around bumping into somebody making me fall back against the door lightly.
"I said I needed to fix my hair" Luke said rising his hair making Calum chuckle, I walked into Calum.
"Good morning sexy" he whispered so Luke wouldn't hear it and I shook my hair.
"Morning asian" I said giggling and he pouted.
"So what are you doing today?" He asked looked down at me.
"Hanging out with Ash" I said and the door behind me opened.
"Why are you hanging out with Ash?" Luke asked sounding a little bit over protective.
"Yay" I said rushing into the bathroom closing the door and locked it.
"I wasn't done!" Luke yelled making me laugh. I changed into my clothes and did my make up walking out again and to the boys who were eating breakfast and Luke rushed back into the bathroom. I sat down at his seat and starting eating the rest of his toast making the rest laugh. When I was done I looked up at Ash who was already looking at me and smiled.
"You done?" He asked and I nodded.
"Good then let's go before he comes" he said taking my hand and giggled and we ran out of the bus and to the playground.

*Luke's pov*
I walked out of the bathroom to see Ari, Ash and the rest of my toast was gone.
"Where's Ari, Ash and the rest of my toast?" I asked and they all laughed.
"Um.. Ari ate your toast and then her and Ash ran away" Michael said looking at Calum and they both cracked up.
"They what?!" I asked a little bit louder, I told him to stay away from her.
"Calm down mate they're just friends hanging out" Calum said and I called down a bit. Only a bit.

*Ariana's pov*
"Ashton don't push so hard" I half yelled while laughing as Ashton pushed my swing and he laughed back and slowed down. It was really nice having this day with Ashton. He stopped pushing me and I got off the swing and turned to face him and smiled.
"It's lunch time, wanna go in town and find something to eat before I have to go to rehearses?" He asked and looked me straight in the eyes making me speechless for a few seconds, I came back to reality fast and looked down fast and back up.
"Yeah" I said smiling and he smiled back. He put his arm around my waist and we started walking into town. On the way we just talked and laughed having lots of gun, he didn't remove his arm from my waist once and that just made me pretty happy. We found a pizza place and went in and ordered some pizza.
"I don't have any money with me but can I pay you back when we get back?" I asked and he chuckled.
"You aren't going to pay back Ari, I'll pay" he smiled, I blushed and looked down. Our pizza came and we started eating

We were done and Ashton paid and we started walking to the arena where they were gonna perform. When we went in the rest of the boys were there already, not that we were late tho. Luke walked straight over to me and hugged me and Ashton went to the drums.
"Luke.. I haven't been gone for months" I said giggling hugging him back.
"He stole youuu" he pouted and I laughed.
"You're so silly, I swear" I said and we pulled away and he ran on the stage and they started singing a few songs, I swear they're amazing.

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