Brothers bandmate

Ariana is the sister of Luke Hemmings, since she have been away from years, traveling with their aunt her and Luke haven't seen each other in years. Even tho they don't see each other she still keeps up with his life by watching videos and being on social media. One day she comes home to surprise her brother and he invites her on tour with him and his bandmates, since they haven't seen her for years either they can't seem to take their eyes off her since she have changed, a lot. She starts getting feelings for Ashton and he feels the same but Luke doesn't want the boys anywhere near her that way.


2. Day with Cal-Pal

I woke up by somebody shaking me lightly, I opened my eyes and saw Calum's face all up in my face making me scream and banging my head back in the wall, making him laugh, of course. The other boys came running in and saw Calum standing there laughing and me laying in the bed holding the back of my head, making them laugh too.

"it actually hurts" I said trying to sound cute and Luke pouted with me.

"I made her scream" said Calum, smirked and winked, making Michael and Ashton laugh and Luke hit him in the back of his head. I chucked and got out of the bed. They walked out of the room as they saw I was finding some clothes.

"I wanna wake Ariana up tomorrow" I head Ashton say and Luke shouting "NO" right after making me giggle. I changed into smoke black skinny jeans and a tank top where there stood "Luke Hemmings" on the back, just to show like I love my big bro. I walked out to the rest of the guys and smiled.

"LUKE" I yelled and he looked at me. I turned around and moved my hair out of the way.

"hey! No fair" Ashton, Michael and Calum pouted. I laughed and went into the bathroom and applied a winged eyeliner and some mascara. I walked back out where only Calum sat.

"Calum where's the others?" I asked and he looked up at me.

"they're just out walking for a bit" he said and patted the seat next to him and I walked over to him and sat down.

"wanna hear me practice?" Calum asked and made that cute smile of his, I smiled and nodded. He then laid his head in my lap, took my hands and put them in his hair making me laugh and he started singing Beside You.

"Wow Calum, sounds terrible as always" I said jokingly clapping and he pouted.

"I'm sorry, can you just get out of my grill for a second?" He said making me laugh.

"You already used that ones Hood" 

"You Hemmings's aren't invited to my BBQ so why you always all up in my grill?"

"You suck"

"No you suck" he said and winked, making my blush a bit but I hide it, I guess.

"Ching chong your opinion is wrong" I said laughing.

"Can you just not?" He said and started tickling me making me end up on the floor. He Kept tickling and the boys came in.

"Luke help me!" I yelled out in laughter but just got totally rejected by him laughing, well what a great brother I have me.


"So you guys excited for first show tomorrow?" I asked looking at them all.
"Kinda nervous, but it's fine" Michael said concentrating on his game.
"Wow you said something while playing" I said making the boys chuckle.
"Breaking news, Michael Clifford talking while gaming" Ashton said in one of his usual weird voices making us all laugh even more.
I seriously love being around these guys.

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