Brothers bandmate

Ariana is the sister of Luke Hemmings, since she have been away from years, traveling with their aunt her and Luke haven't seen each other in years. Even tho they don't see each other she still keeps up with his life by watching videos and being on social media. One day she comes home to surprise her brother and he invites her on tour with him and his bandmates, since they haven't seen her for years either they can't seem to take their eyes off her since she have changed, a lot. She starts getting feelings for Ashton and he feels the same but Luke doesn't want the boys anywhere near her that way.


4. 0.4

(A/N I'm sorry guys I havent uploaded for soooo long but I'll start uploading again lol)

"You were amazing tonight" I said to Calum and hugged him since he were the first one to get off stage.
"thank you Ari" He said and kissed my cheek. I went over to Luke who came after Cal and gave him a big bear hug.
"It was amazing to finally see you peform live" I said and he chuckled and kissed the top of mt head.
"Hey! Where's my hug?" A pouting Ashton said. I giggled and walked over to him and hugged him.
"You're sweaty" I mumbled against his chest and he laughed. I pulled away again and went to Michael and hugged him too.
"You weren't so bad either Mikey" I said and he rolled his eyes, Typical Michael.

They all went to take showers while I just sat all alone waiting on the tour bus, waiting for them all to get back.I didn't wanna wait in a smelly dressing room.
I changed into one of Lukes big t-shits, I sat down and turned on my laptop.
"That's my shirt" I turned to see a pouting Luke while the others laughed.
"Sorry LukeyPoo" I said only making the others laugh harder and Luke blush. Calum jumped down next to me and looked at the screen with me.
"Hey you don't smell anymore" I said giggling making Calum laugh.
"Well thank you Ari, What are you gonna watch?" He asked as I went on netflix.
"Pretty little liars" I said and he shook his head. I started it and leaned up on the wall getting more comfortable. Calum leaned slightly up on me and wrapped his arms around me.
"Luke will kill you" I whispered trying to sound serious but that didn't really work.
"Yep" He said and we kinda laughed. 

While me and Calum tried to watch PLL we couldn't help but laugh at the other boys conversation over who did best tonight.
"Ariana who did best?!" Michael whined and all looked at me and Luke gave Calum a 'you better watch you' playful kinda look for the idk 3th time.
"Oh don't bring me into this" I giggled.
"Come on sissss, tell us who did best" Luke said while pouting and I rolled my eyes.
"Okay, Ashton did" I said making him laugh that cute little giggle of his and blush slightly, kinda making me blush too.
"WHAT?!" Michael half yelled making me laugh.
"Ari I'm your brother, what about all the sibling time we had?" Luke said while pouting.
"Gasp" Calum said, trying to sound like a girl making me laugh harder.
"awe I'm sorry Cal" I said pouting at him. He sat up and I got up to go to the others. I sat down next to Luke and we all kinda talked the rest of the night when we thought it was time to go to bed cause they have a show again tomorrow. 


"Psst, Ari.." I heard Ashton whisper and shook me lightly, I opened my eyes and rubbed my eyes.
"What?" I mumbled and he smiled weakly.
"Come on.. I wanna show you something. I sighed, took my phone and looked at it.
"Ash it's 5am" I said and he chuckled.
"Yeah I dont care come on" He said. I sighed again and finally got out of the bed. The bus was stopped, cause you know, the driver needs his sleep. We went out and he took his arm around me and pulled me closer to him making me smile. As weird as it sound, I sniffed him. Don't judge me he smells really good.
"Look" He said and pointed up at the sky. "Look at the stars" He whispered making me smile bigger.
"Ew, so much sugar" I said making us both laugh.
"Way to ruin the moment Ari, really" He said making us laugh more.
We stood like that a few minuts just looking at stars, honestly I didn't mind cause I've always kinda had a small crush on Ash, small crush.
"We should go in and get some sleep" He said and I nooded. We walked back in and hugged each other good night.
"Goodnight Ari" He said kissing my cheek making me blush.
"Good night Ashie"

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