please dont go.


1. he sounded familiar..

I walked up to the reception to get our room keys. Isobel and me were in one room and Mia and Megan were in another. Our rooms were amazing, there was two king sized beds in each room with a bathroom that was double the size of mine back at home. Isobel and I unpacked and so did Mia and Megan. We got ready for dinner at 6. "What should I wear?" I asked stressed. "You're grey topshop dress with knee high socks and Dr Martins!!" She exclaimed. "Okay" I said excited. I went into the bathroom to have a shower and washed my grubby hair. When I got out I put my dress on. I was all ready for dinner.. Except I still had to dry my hair. Eww. After I did my hair I put my makeup and shoes on i watched TV and took a few selfies while Isobel had a shower. "Wow you look stunning!" Isobel said shocked. "Aw thanks chummy" I smiled. Isobel wore her zoella jumper and disco pants. She looked gorgeous. Mia and Megan knocked on our door at half 5 and we made our way to the restaurant. "Isn't this amazing" Mia said shocked. Mia wore a 5sos top and some skinny jeans. She had a crush on Ashton, I liked Luke, Megan liked Calum and Isobel liked Michael. Megan wore a burgundy coloured jumper with black skinny ripped jeans. We sat at our table and ordered drinks. " I'm just going to go out side and answer this call" I said. As I walked outside I was looking down at my phone and bumped into someone. I fell to the ground as he stared at me. " oh my gosh I'm so sorry" he said. His voice sounded familiar, I knew him. I looked up and my heart stopped. He reached out his hand and asked my name.

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