please dont go.


2. do you like me?

"I'm...I'm.." There was a long pause as I stared at his gorgeous eyes. "I'm Charlotte" I said as I let go of his hand and got up my self wiping the mud off my dress. "I'm luke" he smirked. "from 5sos?" I said as I drooled but tried to act cool. "Yeah...look I've got to go and have dinner but I'll see you around.." He said as he stopped staring. "Ok...umm..nice to meet you, Luke." My heart melted, I was in love.

After I got back to the table I sat down blushing. I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened. "What took you so long?" Mia asked. " you see.. I met Luke from 5sos.." I said as I looked at their reactions. "WHAT?" Isobel shouted as her face lit up. "They're staying at our hotel" I said smiling. "I can't breathe" Megan said hands to her face. "I can't believe this" Mia said acting cool but inside she was freaking out and constantly checking how she looked in her phone every ten seconds. " I'm gonna pop up to the room, I'll be right back.." I said.

As I walked through the halls and got to the lift I heard boys coming my way. It was Luke, Michael, Ashton& Calum. They got in the same lift as me. "Oh hey Charlotte" Luke smirked as he flicked his hair. "Hey Luke" I said smiling as I looked at him and then back at my shoes. "Is this who you were talking about earlier?" Michael teased. Luke gave Michael a glare, it went silent. "What are you doing tomorrow?" He asked. "Nothing actually" I grinned " you want to hang out?" He asked biting his lip. I drooled again and mumbled "your so..." I said as I gazed into his deep blue eyes. "what?" He chuckled "I mean um..yeah.. Cool my room number is 18" I said acting sweet. "Okay see ya" he said waving me off as he left the lift. I went into my room to charge my phone and then went back to the restaurant. We ate and laughed. After we were done we went back to our rooms and I was telling Isobel about today. Isobel is my best friend. I can tell anything to her and she is always there for me. "He so likes you" she said whilst removing her makeup. "But why would he like me? I'm ugly." I said. "No you're not" she snapped. "You don't have to lie chummy" we both sat in our comfy beds watching films. "Night chummy" I yawned " night chummy" Isobel said.

I woke up and got ready. I wore a tank too with black skinny ripped jeans and black vans. Luke knocked on my door "hey Luke"' I smiled "you look really...nice" he said awkwardly. I chucked "thanks" I stepped out of the door and we went to hang out in the chill out room with the boys. He was wearing a tank top saying 'you complete me', black skinny ripped jeans and black vans. Luke sat down on the sofa next to Calum. I stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do. " sit here" Luke said patting a seat next to him. "There's no room though" I said pouting. "I know" he chucked. I tried to sit down but it ended with me sitting on his lap. He accidentally poked me with his elbow on my face. "Ow" I whined. "What?" He asked. "You poked me" I pouted. "Let me make it better then" he said as he kissed my cheek. My heart melted as he pulled away biting his lip.

Mia and Ashton walked in. " hey ashton, you should talk to Mia, I bet you'll really like her" I said still sitting on Luke's lap. I think what I said was a but random but a least he's talking to her I thought to myself. I called Megan and Isobel and they came over. Meg sat next to Calum and they started chatting straight away. Michael kept flirting with Isobel, it was so funny. ashton and Mia went off somewhere. "Where did Ashton and Mia go?" I asked. " They went back to Ashton's room. He's teaching her how to play the drums" Luke said as he tapped his foot against mine.

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