A New World

This story is of a young girl, Indigo-Lynn, her twin brother, Leonardo-Dixon, there little brother, Ian, and there friends, Willow and Luke. They think everything is as usual, normal. But, then everything changes. It started with an Earthquake and ended with them learning to survive on there own.


7. Chapter 7

I woke up. I thought everything was a dream, a nightmare more like it, but I woke up, realizing it was no dream. Not a nightmare. But reality. I sat up and saw that I was the first one awake. I got up and walked towards where I put the device. I didn’t want to touch it, but I held out my hand and my finger touched the device. Just when I thought nothing was going to happen, I was surprised by a timer. Time was ticking down. And hour and a half was there on the timer. Then, the time disappeared. I touched the device again, and a few seconds later, it reappeared. I stared at it until it disappeared again. I remembered what I did last night. I am going to fight in about an hour. I sat there and thought for a while, until I heard someone with small feet walk over. I turned and saw Penny staring at the device over my shoulder.

 “ What is that?” she asked.

 “ I’m not completely sure,” I responded. She kept staring at it, not sure what to do, deciding if she should get a closer look. I lent over and touched the device. The timer showed up, and was still ticking down. Thirty minutes is what it said.Time was passing. And my fear grew. I kept thinking if the time was ticking down till time for the fight, or for something else. Better? Worse? With my luck so far, it would be worse. I kept staring at it until the timer shut off again. Penny sat down next to me.

 “ I’m scared,” she admitted. I turned my head towards her and half smiled, comfortingly. She looked up at me.

 “ I am to. But we should hold our heads up. How old are you?” I asked, trying to calm her. The way she said it, her tone was full of fear. She didn’t try to hide it now. She shouldn’t have to hide her fear. She shouldn’t have fear. She shouldn’t be afraid, but she is. I am to.

 “ I’m six. Almost seven,” she responded. “ How about you?”

 “ I’m twelve. So is Leo,” I said, pointing back towards him. She turned around, and nodded. I remembered that no one introduced themselves. No one but me.

 “ Who is she? Do you know her?” Penny asked.

 “ Her name is Willow. Some call her Will. She is my age. She is kind, sweet, and never…. hardly ever afraid,” I said, thinking back to her face, no smile was on it yesterday. She nodded. My body still hurt, but it was better than before.

 “ How did you get all those bruises?” she asked. I turned down to my arm, and looked at my bruises. They were big and they were purple and black. Not that pretty of a mixture on my skin. I turned back towards the device.

 “ It doesn’t matter,” was my simple reply. She had a confused look on her face, but understood after a minute and just turned towards the device. I reached out and touched it. Two minutes left.

 “ What is it counting down to?” she asked.

 “ I don’t know.” We stared at it. When the time disappeared, I tapped it again. Two minutes turned to one. One minute turned to thirty seconds, and thirty seconds turned to ten. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. The timer was done. I cringed, waiting for what would happen next, but nothing happened.I am surprised that no one else is awake by now. We waited. Several minutes passed. Nothing. I was confused, but glad. Glad nothing horrible happened. I got up and helped Penny up. But as we were walking over to wake everyone up from there sleep, we heard a buzzing sound. the buzzing was faint, but it could be heard. The volume soon increased, and became louder, and louder, until I had to put my hands over my ears. Everyone was awake by now. They all were covering their ears and they were looking around, trying to figure out what was making that noise. Then, a bright light. Nearly blinding. I closed my eyes and turned away from where the light was coming from. A few second later, the bright light went down a bit, to where I could look at what was causing the buzzing and the light. I turned and saw that the device had turned into to giant tube, taking a fourth of the house. There was a door to the tube. The whole tube was made of glass, a glass that had a bright glow. I wasn’t sure what to do, or how to react towards the giant tube that just appeared in this shelter. Then, the voice came back.

 “ Everyone in this biome, please enter the teleportation tube,” it said. “ You will be teleported to the arena,” it said.

 “ What arena?” Leo asked.

 “ Is it that area that we were in before we entered the changing rooms?” Willow asked. No answers were given. Hesitantly, I made my way towards the tube. I opened the door, but I didn’t want to step in. I had to be brave though. I took a deep breath and entered the tube. Penny was the next to enter, but when she came into the tube with me, she grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight. Willow took a deep breath and came in after Penny. Ian ran in and squeezed my other hand. Leo stood there for a second, then sighed and walked into the tube. I closed the door, and then another bright light came. Brighter than the last one, I closed my eyes tighter than before, and waited, then the bright light went out as fast as it came. I then opened my eyes, and we were back in the changing room. Are we going to have to walk all the way to the shelter again? I opened the door to the tube and we all climbed out.
 “ Please go through the opening,” the voice said. The wall opened, and we were in the arena. We walked in, and I sighed. What have I done? Why did I sign up for this? We walked in and there was a crowd. The stage was risin, and someone was up there. I couldn’t see well, but I knew it was a girl.

 “ Indie Jameson, come up on the stage,” the voice said. I made my way through the crowd, not looking back to where I left my brothers and my friends. I walked the steps of the stage, and when I reached the top, bars came up, and there was no way out. I looked up and saw the girl. The girl I would be fighting. Jessie Anderson. Oh no.

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