A New World

This story is of a young girl, Indigo-Lynn, her twin brother, Leonardo-Dixon, there little brother, Ian, and there friends, Willow and Luke. They think everything is as usual, normal. But, then everything changes. It started with an Earthquake and ended with them learning to survive on there own.


4. Chapter 4

My head ached. My body sore. I couldn’t see a thing. What is going on? I could feel a cold surface beneath me. Stone I suppose. I could hear others breathing. Many people. Where am I? What happened? I asked these questions to myself many times over, until I heard Leo.

 “ Indie? Indie?” I heard him ask. I managed to open my eyes, and I saw a worried and scared Leo looking at me.

 “ Indie, where are we?” he asked. I sat up, my body aching from my bruises, and looked around. We were in a giant dome. No windows in sight. The dome seemed to be cut into four pieces, and each piece protected my glass it seemed. The glass didn’t look like the glass you would see at your window, but thicker. Like bullet proof glass I suppose. On the floor of each section was many kids. From the age of five to fourteen from the looks of it. I turned and looked at Leo.

 “ Wheres Ian?” I asked. Leo’s eyes went wide and he looked around.

 “ Ian! Ian where are you? Ian!” he yelled. Many kids woke up from their dreaming and looked at Leo, then, soon enough, noticed that they weren’t where they expected to be. Everyone soon had frightened faces and were running around, screaming, not sure what to do. Then, someone ran into me, knocking us both down. I looked to see who it was, and, thankfully, it was Ian.

 “ Ian!” I said with happiness overwhelming me. I grabbed him and hugged him as tight as I could.

 “ Ian, there you are!” Leo said, running up to us.

 “ I’m right here!” he said happily. Leo bent down and hugged him.

 “ Where are we?” Ian asked.

 “ I’m not sure buddy,” I said. I got up, picking Ian up with me, and looked around. Kids running around, some on the ground crying, not sure what to do. I was about to head up to a little girl, but then someone grabbed my shoulder. I turned and saw Willow.

 “ Willow!” I said happily. Her eyes were a little red, but there was still a weak smile on her face.

 “ Indie!” she said while hugging me tight and whimpered a bit, trying to keep from crying. I hugged her back, trying my best to calm her down. Leo ran over, not sure what is going on.

 “ Leo!” Willow said, letting go of me and hugging Leo, tears falling down her cheeks, her attempt failing. I picked up Ian and looked around for any signs of Luke. But he was no where in sight.

 “ Everyone! Everyone listen up!” a large booming voice yelled. Everyone was startled. They looked around to see who said it. I looked up and saw a really big speaker on the top of the dome.

 “ Look up,” I said to Leo. He looked up and saw the speaker. A few kids looked, then everyone noticed it.

 “ Everyone, I know you must be scared. I know. But you must listen! You all are in one of the four corners of this dome. There is a opening on the wall. Please enter the opening and there will be more instructions waiting for you on the other side.” I looked around, and sure enough there was an opening on the wall. It wasn’t there before, was it? Leo saw it, and so did Willow. Leo grabbed both of our hands and I tightened my grip on Ian.
 “ Should we?” he asked. I nodded. I pulled them and we walked into the opening of the wall. Inside was another dome, just smaller, and in the middle was a large stage. It looked like a fighting ring. Everyone made their way around the ring.

 “ This is the fighting arena. This is where you will fight to survive. One person from each biome will be able to fight one time each week against someone from a different biome, fighting is optional. If you win, you will be able to choose one thing, anything, of your choice. A bed, food, medicine, anything. It will be transported to your biome. In this world, you will learn to survive. But remember, your winnings are limited. So use your winnings wisely. When you are transported to your biome, there will be shelter in the middle of that area. That is where you will stay. You will be given a map to help you. Now, on to the groups. The groups will be paired in fives. If you look at your wrist, it will have a color. If you look at the wall, the colors are there. Please go to the color that is on your wrist,” it said. I looked at my wrist. Green. A green circle was there. I looked at Leo’s wrist and sighed with relief. He also had a green circle on his wrist. I looked at Ian’s wrist and he had a green circle to. Willow showed me her wrist. Green. I smiled. At least we are together. but that was only four. Who was the fifth? I looked over to where the green circle was painted on the wall, and I saw that little girl I was heading over to help earlier. I grabbed Leo’s hand and he grabbed Willow’s hand. We made our way over to the big platform where the little girl was standing. We walked up the stairs and stood beside the little girl. I knew she was frightened. Her body tensed up when she noticed us.

 “ Good. Now, behind you, there will be another opening. Please enter, and you will receive your next set of instructions,” the voice said.

 “ Why are we doing what this guy says?” Leo mumbled under his breath.

 “ Because what else are we going to do?” I asked quietly, only loud enough for him to hear. We walked into the next room, and it was much smaller than the dome we were just in. This room was about the size of Ian’s room. There were two racks in the room. Each rack held clothes. One rack held dark blue knee length pants and dark blue short sleeved shirts. The other rack held dark purple shorts, a bit shorter than the other racks shorts, and dark purple tank tops. Above one rack said girls. Above the other said boys. I grabbed a tank top and looked over it. It looked like it was my size. I grabbed the smallest tanks top and shorts on the rack and handed them to the little girl, but she backed away. Leo already took the two pairs of shorts and short sleeved shirts and walked into the changing rooms.

 “ Its alright! I’m not going to hurt you!” I said calmly. She still looked hesitant, but she grabbed the clothes. I took the pair that looked like it would fit me best, and Willow took the last pair on the rack. We walked into the changing room and changed into the clothes. The pair I had fit me perfectly. Willow’s seemed to fit her, and the little girl’s pair fit her well to. When we walked out, we saw that Leo and Ian were both out of the changing room with their dark blue clothes on.

 “ Now, go into the opening into your biome. Find the shelter with the map provided, and there will be your last set of instructions,” it said. I know many people are going to think ‘How are you so calm in this situation?’ or something similar. Am I correct? Well, I have learned to stay calm after all the bullying, my father dying. You kind of form a barrier around the heart. As long as I am with my brothers and my friends, I am happy. I am a little sad that Luke isn’t here, but I choose to put that in the back of my mind. I turn and see our biome. Our new home.

The forest.

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