A New World

This story is of a young girl, Indigo-Lynn, her twin brother, Leonardo-Dixon, there little brother, Ian, and there friends, Willow and Luke. They think everything is as usual, normal. But, then everything changes. It started with an Earthquake and ended with them learning to survive on there own.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up. Another day, I sighed. I went through my regular routine. Making breakfast, getting dressed, waking mother up, so on. Soon, the bus rolled to the stop, and we climbed on board. We sat as close to the front as we could, but, sadly, wasn’t close enough. Or as close as I hoped. We scooted in, and kept quiet, as usual. When we came to the next stop, I just sat there and stared out the window. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jessie glare at me, but she kept walking, not wanted to get anyone’s attention. I turned my head slightly and saw that she sat a few rows behind us. I turned my head back and wished that the day would go by fast. I may be safe for the moment, but it never lasts long. I just kept staring out the window until we arrived at the school. As soon as the bus driver opened the door, Leo, Ian, and I were the first ones off. We hurried into the building and dropped off Ian, as usual. We then started towards our homeroom.

 “ I have to go to the restroom, go ahead, I’ll be there in a few,” I answered. Leo just nodded and went his way. I kept going down the hall to the restroom. But, as soon as I entered, I saw a fearful sight. Jessie, Annie, and the rest of her gang, all waiting. Waiting for the right moment.

 “ Well, hello! Fancy seeing you here!” Jessie said, daring me to say something back. But I just kept quiet and held my ground.

 “ Yeah, fancy seeing you here!” Annie said in her annoying tone of voice. I didn’t respond. Just kept a blank face and watched their every move, making sure one of them don’t care and charge at me.

 “ What should we do next?” Leigh, another slave to popularity, said.

 “ Well…..” Jessie said, forming an evil smile on her face. My fear overwhelmed me, and I flinched. I was hoping they wouldn’t have noticed, but that one flinch sparked the evil inside them, and they all were separating, covering the little ground in the bathroom. I waited, then ran. I ran as fast as I could, but apparently it wasn’t fast enough. I was on the ground three second flat. It wasn’t long before I felt sharp pains in my side, on my head, everywhere hurt.I couldn’t even open my eyes, I was too focused on trying to control my pain. I knew they were kicking me, punching me, throwing the sharpest object they had at me. All for revenge. I cringed and tried to hold in my tears from the pain I was in.

 “ Stop!” I heard someone yell. I did my best to see who it was. Leo. He came to see what took so long. The girls stopped and stared at him, not sure what to do. It took only a minute for the teachers to rush out to see what was causing such a commotion. Everything was a blur, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I heard yelling, and I saw a white room. My head was pounding and my eyes wouldn’t focus on anything. I then closed them, and relaxed my tensed muscles. I could tell bruises were forming without having to look and see. It took a while, but I managed to look around a bit, my eyes still not fully focused, but I could see someone else was there. She was a little chubby, an adult, with a pair of glasses. I recognized her. She was the school nurse.

 “ Hello?” I said in a weakish voice.

 “ Hello! How are you feeling?” she asked. She was always a really sweet lady.

 “ Alright I suppose. Where is Leo?” I asked. I’m not sure why I asked that question, knowing he was probably in his next class.

 “ In Language Arts. The principle would like a word with you, then we would like to contact your parents,” she said. I nodded slightly. About five minutes later, Mrs. Stone walked in. Mrs. Stone was my favorite principles, by far. She wasn’t boring and she always had a smile on her face. But when she walked into the nurses office, there was no smile to be found.

 “ Hello Indigo. Would you mind answering a few questions?” she asked. I nodded and waited to hear what she had to ask.

 “ How did this start?” she asked.

 “ What do you mean?”

 “ What happened?” she asked.

 “ She was mad. Mad because she didn’t get what she wanted when she wanted it. She wanted the seat on the bus, and I wouldn’t move.”

 “ Why wouldn’t you move?” she asked.

 “ Because we were there. May I ask you a question? Why ask me what happened? Couldn’t you just check the cameras?” I asked. She had a slight sign of irritation on her face.

 “ Because we would like to know what happened, or at least your side of the story,” she said.

 “ Alright.”

 “ We already have everyones side of it, and they all said you started it. They said that they just fought because you threatened them.” I was a bit mad about this, but I could’ve expected it.

 “ If I started it, then why do I have scars and bruises?” I asked.

 “ No need to be a smart aleck. I think we are done here. We need to call your parents and come up with a punishment for all of you,” she said.

 “ You can give me a punishment, but I know that I did nothing wrong.” She got up and walked out with a hint of anger on her face. I sighed and laid there. Feeling helpless. A few minutes later, Leo came in, a worried expression laid on his pale face.

 “ Are you alright?” he asked.

 “ As alright as I’ll ever be,” I responded. A few seconds later, Ian ran in.

 “ Sissy, sissy, what happened?” he asked.

 “ Nothing. Everything is fine,” I said. He smiled and jumped up and down with a piece of paper behind his back.

 “ What is that?” Leo asked him.

 “ Look!” he said excitingly said. I took the paper from him and looked at it. It was a picture of our family. Mother was near the edge of the paper, and our father was floating above us. Ian, Leo, and I were all together in the middle, holding hands. My eyes teared up a little, but I wiped them away and gave Leo the picture. He smiled and hugged Ian. Then, well, the Earth shook. I thought it was an Earthquake. Leo grabbed Ian and held my hand tight. I rolled off the bed and came towards them. We held each other tightly , waiting for it to end. But it didn’t. Then, everything was black.

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