A New World

This story is of a young girl, Indigo-Lynn, her twin brother, Leonardo-Dixon, there little brother, Ian, and there friends, Willow and Luke. They think everything is as usual, normal. But, then everything changes. It started with an Earthquake and ended with them learning to survive on there own.


2. Chapter 2

 I woke up the next day, to see that nothing changed. I got up and slowly made my way to the bathroom. I grabbed my clothes from the drawers and changed, brushed my hair, then made my way downstairs. I am usually the first one awake. Mother wakes up next, then Leo, and Ian is last. I put some bread in the toaster and grabbed some bowls and a box of cereal. I grabbed the milk from the fridge and made four bowls of cereal and made four pieces of toast. I went up stairs to see if Leo had woken up. He was already brushing his hair. I went down to mother’s room and saw her sound asleep. I turned on the lamp on her bedside table.

 “ Wake up mom, I have breakfast ready,” I said. She groaned and started moving around.

 “ I’ll be there in a minute,” she said in her rough morning voice. I exited the room and went back to the kitchen table to find Leo sitting in his chair eating breakfast with drowsy eyes. It took mother a few minutes to get dressed and into the kitchen.

 “ Morning mom,” Leo said.

 “ Morning sweetie,” she replied. She sat down and started eating. I went upstairs and down the hall to Ian’s room. I woke him up and helped him get dressed and brushed his hair and we went downstairs to the kitchen table. He climbed into his chair and messed around with the cereal. I looked up at the clock on the wall. We only had ten minutes until the bus came. I sat down and started eating. I shoved everything down and went upstairs and brushed my teeth. Leo came in behind me and brushed his. Two minutes. We had two minutes to make it to the bus stop. I ran down stairs and grabbed the lunch bags and shoved them into each of our book bags, grabbed all our coats, shoved everyone to the door, and walked out.

 “ Lets go!” I said while grabbed Ian’s hand and both our book bags. Leo ran to catch up with us.

 “ Slow down!” he complained. I didn’t. I saw the bus, everyone boarding it. I grabbed Ian into my arms and ran. We can’t be late! If we miss the bus, we don’t go to school. Mother has already left for work, and I can’t drive! I know many kids don’t care about school, and neither do I, but I care about Ian and his education. I ran as fast as I could with Leo struggling to keep up. We ran to the bus, and made it just in time. We ran up those stairs, stopped for half a second to take a breath and to scan the bus, then walked down the aisle to the only open seat left. We all sat down, Leo at the window and Ian in the middle, leaving me with the aisle. I knew this was going to be a problem. I sat there, looking at the old, faded blue seats. Then, we stopped. I sighed. This stop means trouble. Everyone held their breath as people ran up the stairs. Then, she came into view. Jessie Anderson. The most popular girl in school. Even high schoolers are afraid of her. She is a few months older than me. She goes from victim to victim. I, sadly, am her target. As soon as she got on, she put on her evil smile, and stared at me. I sighed. I tend to do that a lot. I just turned my head, facing the window, watching the houses go by.

 “ Get up,” she said. I didn’t respond. I just kept quiet and stared out the window. Unresponsive.

 “ Get up!” Annie, Jessie’s side kick, said. I didn’t respond. But instead looked down to Ian, who looked up at me, not sure what to do. I gave him a small smile and held his small hand.

 “ You must not have heard me, I’ll repeat what I said, just this one time. Get up,” she tried to say a bit more calmly, but there was a hint of anger in her voice. I kept looking at Ian. He gave me a small, calm smile.

 “ She said get up!” her sidekick said in a full on angry tone.

 “ And I didn’t respond,” I said calmly.

 “ Well, now that you are responsive, get up!” Jessie said.

 “ Nope.”

 “ Well, we can do this the hard way, or the easy way. Which one will it be?” Annie asked.

 “ Well, both end up bad for us, so neither.”

 “ Fine, the hard way!” Jessie said grabbing out one of her giant school books. I tensed up, but showing no reaction on my face. She held it above her head, ready to throw it down. I closed my eyes, expecting to feel pain at any moment…….

 “ Jessie Anderson! Annie Scott! Sit down!” the bus driver yelled at the top of his lungs, startling us all. She stared at him, not sure what to do. After a while minute of awkward silence, she walked back some and took a seat.

 “ That was unexpected,” Leo said in a quiet tone. He was in a bit of shock. That wasn’t the first time she tried to beat me up, or anyone else, but this was the first time she was actually stopped. Then again, this is the first time she did it in public, or in front of anyone else but Leo or Ian. The bus started rolling again, and I could feel eyes staring at me. I turned my head, only a bit, and saw her staring at me, with more anger in her eyes then ever before. I just faced forward and just kept my thoughts on something else. Anything else. It wasn’t long before we arrived at school. I grabbed Ian and our book bags and ran as fast as we could off that bus with Leo right behind me. We ran out and into the school before anyone else had a chance to get off the bus. We slowed to a fast walk, knowing it was safer in the school then in the bus or outside. We quickly dropped off Ian and we made our way to our homeroom. We luckily had the same homeroom, so when we got there, we made our way to the back of the room. We sat down next to each other and kept our heads down. I know many people will be saying things like ‘oh, just go tell a teacher,’ or ask a question like ‘ why are you so afraid of her?’ I’m not afraid of her, but more of what she can do. She is a popular, of course, and she can basically do what she wants when she wants. She is like a queen. She can spread a rumor and make everyone believe it. She can pull someone down and make sure they never come back up. She is pure evil. And if you mess with her, she will add you to her list. I just happen to be her most recent victim.

 “ Hey Indie!” Willow said in her always happy voice. She is my closest friend. One of my only friends. She is always happy and kind and she wouldn’t hurt a fly. She always brightened my day when I was down, and that is why she is my closest friend.

 “ Hello Willow,” I replied.

 “ Hey Will,” Leo said. Will is her nickname. Not sure why, but it is.

 “ Why are you so down in the dumps?” she asked me.

 “ No reason. Just didn’t get a good night sleep.” I lied and she knew it. She also knew the real reason to. She just gave me a sweet smile and sat down at the chair next to mine. I pulled my head up and saw Annie come in. She glared at Leo and I, and sat down in the front row. Right behind her was Luke, the only other friend I had other than Willow. He came towards the back and sat down next to Leo.

 “ Hey Leo! Hey Will! Hey Indie!” he said.

 “ Hello!” Willow said cheerfully.

 “ Hey,” Leo said. I just nodded in his direction. He nodded back. Then everyone faced the board as soon as they heard the sound of high heels coming towards the classroom.

 “ Hello class!” Mrs. Green said. She was our homeroom teacher. She is also our math teacher, my least favorite subject, but she is my favorite teacher.

 “ Class, please get out your notebooks and the red sheet of paper I gave you last week and continue the problems that are on the paper,” she said. I did as I was told and grabbed everything from my binder. After Math was Language Arts, and then Social Studies, than Science. The day was mostly a blur. The classes were long and boring as usual, but I day dreamed through all of the classes. I day dreamed about many things. About a life that had no pain, no fear, no worries. What a wonderful world that would be. I also day dreamed about the play we are doing in drama. The last class of the day is drama. For me it is. Willow to. This is the one class that Leo and I aren’t in. We are doing ‘Wonderland!’ This play is basically about a girl who is trapped in a fairy tale world. She has to do whatever she can to get to the next level of her adventure. I would like to be Belle. She is my favorite Fairytale character. I also thought of what I am going to do for the next chapter in my book. Maybe I would do a surprising twist? I’m not sure. Soon enough, the day was over. Leo and I met up in the halls and headed over to Ian’s classroom. When he saw us, he smiled and grabbed both of our hands. We lead him to the bus, and we were surprisingly the only ones there, other than the bus driver. We took a seat closer to the front. A few seconds later, several kids walked onto the bus. It was a couple minutes until signs of danger were spotted. Jessie walked onto the bus and didn’t even notice that I was there. I smiled to myself after she walked pass, knowing I was alright, for now at least.

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