A New World

This story is of a young girl, Indigo-Lynn, her twin brother, Leonardo-Dixon, there little brother, Ian, and there friends, Willow and Luke. They think everything is as usual, normal. But, then everything changes. It started with an Earthquake and ended with them learning to survive on there own.


1. Chapter 1

Hello! My name is Indigo-Lynn. Indigo-Lynn Jameson, but I prefer to be called Indie. I am twelve years old. I have two siblings, a twin brother, Leonardo-Dixon, and a little brother, Ian, who just turned six last month. I live with my brothers and my mother, Sandy. My father died two years ago from a car crash. I choose not to think of it. My mother tries her best, and I try my best to help her. My mother has a full time job, and doesn’t get home till seven. I have to cook, clean, walk to the store every week. Its hard, but I manage. Of course Leo helps out. He does whatever he can. I am great full for such an amazing brother.

 “ Indie, mom called and she wants to talk to you,” Leo called from the living room. I put down my laptop and ran down the stairs. I then ran into the living room, to see Leo on the couch with Ian, watching a kids television show. Leo had the phone in his hand. the tip of the phone pointing towards me once he saw me enter the room. I grabbed the phone from him and answered it.

 “ Hello?” I asked.

 “ Hey sweetie. I’m going to have to work a little later than usual, so I wanted to call and let you know,” she said. I quietly sighed.

 “ Alright. Well, I guess I have to go cook dinner. See you later tonight. Bye.”

 “ Bye.” I pressed the off button and placed the phone on the kitchen table. I sighed again and opened the fridge. I just wish that everything would go back to the way it was earlier. When didn’t have to worry about anything, but that all changed when my father got into that car crash. I sighed once more and got out three bowls and three cans of chicken noodle soup. I heated each bowl of soup up and we ate in the living room. After the dishes were washed and put away, it was around eight. I helped Ian get ready for bed, take a bath, brush teeth, so on, and tucked him in. I walked into my room to see Leo on his computer.

 “ What are you doing?” I asked him.

 “Typing,” he responded. I knew he was typing his book. He likes writing. So do I. We have loved writing since third grade. Then, we got our computers a year ago, and we have started typing books in them. It is always fun.

 “ Which one are you writing now?” I asked.

 “ A New World,” he replied. I nodded and went to my computer. I opened it up and looked over my book.


 ‘ Everything was quiet. Still. I heard nothing but the sound of me breathing. Felt nothing but my heart beat. Everything was gone. Everything.’


 I looked it over. I was almost done. I only had another chapter or two to go. I am thinking of writing another book, the sequal to this one. I finished typing this chapter, and saved. I then put my laptop down. I got up out of my bed, and walked down the hall to Ian’s room. I opened the door a crack to see a little Ian, asleep. His sheets went up and down from him breathing. The room was quiet. I quietly closed the bedroom door and went back to my room. It was almost ten. I had a few more minutes. I climbed on my bed, and closed my eyes, but couldn’t sleep. I could only think. Think of what the future has in hold of me. Me and my brothers. I was also thinking of what life could have been. I remember when Leo and I were seven years old, we promised we would stay together, forever. That is also when we knew we had a love for writing. We promised we would work together on the books that we would write in the future. I remember. Its hard to forget. We haven’t broke that promise, not yet anyways. I would write a chapter, he would do the next one, we would help each other, and make sure we both agreed if it was good or bad. In the middle of my thoughts, I heard the door downstairs click open. Mother is finally home. I heard footsteps go up the stairs and another click coming from the door to my bedroom. I opened my eyes, just a little, and saw mother looking into the room. She sighed.

 “ Things will change. For the better,” she said. She quietly closed the door and went down the hall to Ian’s room. I closed my eyes again, and hoped that what she said was true. I hoped, and hoped, and hoped, until I slowly drifted off to sleep, still thinking of what life could have been.

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