Baby, look what you've done to me

Cara meets Harry at a party, where she's a nobody and he's most definitely a somebody. Out of all the girls there, Harry feels drawn to Cara - and things get complicated from then on.

(side note: Harry and the boys are famous in this story)


7. Work

One Direction were arriving in 10 minutes and I was nervous. How was Harry going to act? How was I going to act? Should we pretend that we don't even know each other? A million things were running through my head, and I was starting to panic. I walked over to Lily's desk, pretending to hand her a document. "Lily, do I have to be here when the boys come?" I whispered to her. "Yes Cara, the whole reason you're here is to deal with guests!" She replied quietly. I nodded and rolled my eyes before walking back to my desk. I replied to some emails and got on with some work, when I heard the beep of the door go off, indicating that there was a guest. Or in this case..5. 

I stood up as I saw all 5 of them walk in, smiling and saying hello. I walked over, unsure of how Harry was going to act. I shook hands with Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam, who were all very polite. Niall gave me a quick cheeky wink, and I thought back to that party, when he came over to me and Harry. I blushed a bit, feeling embarrassed before I turned around to Harry. "Hi" he smiled, lightly touching my arm. "Hey" I replied quietly, when I noticed the boys and Lily were watching us awkwardly. Harry coughed and took his hand away. "So, thanks for having us here!" Louis said brightly, as we all walked down the corridor to a big white room, filled with racks of new clothes for them to pick from. I was about to walk in when Harry pulled my hand back, so we were both standing in the corridor, with the others just inside the room. "Hey, I just wanted to say I don't want this to be awkward, because i've had such a cool time seeing you and I really like you, so I didn't want you to think I didn't care, but you know this is your work-" Harry quickly rambled out, before I interrupted him, giggling. "Harry it's fine, it's not awkward, we just have to be a bit cautious you know?" I replied. He nodded before we both casually walked into the room, nobody really noticing as they were delving into the clothes - but all I could think about was how Harry had just said that 'he really likes me'. I smiled like a schoolgirl before assisting the boys on what was available. 

Me and Lily had kitted the boys out, and they had just left. I let out an exhausted sigh as me and Lily walked back to our desks. "So, you like Harry?" Lily smirked at me. "Lily!" I whispered. She laughed at my gasping face. "Come on! Cara, it's so obvious..well obvious to me because you're my best friend! It's cute, and he seems nice" "Well..yeah I do like him..and he told me he liked me earlier" I spilled. "So that's what he was saying when you were outside" Lily said. I nodded and blushed. 

I sat down at my desk and opened up an email before spotting a note beside the computer. 

"Cara, would love to see you tonight, pick you up at 8 for a nice meal out? Dress code: formal! H x" 

I grinned as I quickly folded up the note and put it in my pocket. I finished at 6, so I had an hour left of work before I could go home and start getting ready.


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