Baby, look what you've done to me

Cara meets Harry at a party, where she's a nobody and he's most definitely a somebody. Out of all the girls there, Harry feels drawn to Cara - and things get complicated from then on.

(side note: Harry and the boys are famous in this story)


19. USA

It was happening. Me and Lily were sitting next to each other on a private jet, both holding a glass of champagne. "I cannot believe this is happening to us! How is this real?!" Lily laughed, gesturing to our surroundings. "I know it's so crazy" I agreed. I couldn't wait to see Harry, I missed him so much and I was so excited. Lily fell asleep for the majority of the flight so I watched a few films and listened to music. Finally we landed, and soon Lily and I were in a cab on the way to the hotel where the boys were staying. "I can't believe we're in America, this is like once in a lifetime!" Lily exclaimed, looking out of the window. I nodded agreeing. I couldn't believe that we were here. Before I knew it, we were outside the hotel. The driver got our bags out of the boot and offered to carry them but me and Lily declined. We grabbed out bags and quickly walked to the lift. "Are you as excited as I am?" I laughed, looking at Lily grinning. " it obvious?" She laughed back. I got a text from Harry asking where I was, so I replied saying I was on my way. We stepped out of the lift and walked down the corridor. "Room 105..106..107! Here, Niall's room is 107" Lily said. "And Harry's is 109" I said, walking down 2 more rooms. "I'll catch you later" Lily winked, scanning the room key and walking in. I was getting my key out of my bag, when the door opened. "Hey babe" Harry greeted me, looking better than ever. "Hi" I smiled, as he pulled me into the room, kissing me straight away. I kissed him back, as he pushed the door shut, my hands running through his hair. "I've missed you so much" He breathed, as we pulled away. "I've missed you more" I smiled, pushing his curls back. "So how was your flight?" He asked, as we laid on top of the bed. He pulled me into his arms, and I breathed in the familiar smell of him. "It was great, thank you so much for that" I replied. "Anything for my girl" He chuckled, kissing the top of my head. There was a knock at the door, so Harry got up sighing. I sat up, looking at the door. He opened it to see all the boys and Lily "Hey guys" Harry smiled, letting them in. "I know you guys want to be alone but we wanted to say hey to Cara" Louis explained, making himself comfy on the sofa. The boys all hugged me and said hello. "It's great to see you" Liam smiled. "I've missed all you guys!" I said. "But you missed me the most" Harry joked, pulling me onto his lap. "We were thinking we should all go out tonight, to celebrate Ella and Lily coming on tour with us" Zayn said. Me and Lily nodded. A night out with my boyfriend and bestfriends is exactly what I needed to start off this amazing journey. 

Me and Lily started getting ready together in her's and Niall's room a few hours before we went out. I decided on wearing a strapless black tight dress, with some nude heels. My makeup was smokey and I loosely curled my long brown hair. It was 7:50 and the cab was coming at 8 so I went back into Harry's room were all of the boys were waiting ready. "I'll be in there in a min!" Lily said, straightening the last bits of her hair. I nodded and grabbed my clutch, leaving the room and entering my own room. "You look great Cara" Louis said, as the other boys nodded. "Thanks Lou, where's Harry?" I asked, looking around for him. "In the bathroom, doing his hair I think" Liam answered me. I pushed open the bathroom door and saw Harry running his hands through his curls. "Wow" He smirked, turning to look at me, as he wrapped his arms round my lower back. "You look amazing" He whispered, before kissing me softly. "You don't look too bad yourself" I giggled. He truly didn't, he looked gorgeous. Zayn called out that the 2 cabs were here, so I took Harry's hand and met up with the others.

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