Baby, look what you've done to me

Cara meets Harry at a party, where she's a nobody and he's most definitely a somebody. Out of all the girls there, Harry feels drawn to Cara - and things get complicated from then on.

(side note: Harry and the boys are famous in this story)


4. Morning

I woke up to the light streaming through the thin curtains. I sat up groggily and saw Lily hidden away in her duvet in the bed next to mine. I felt like shit and I knew I probably looked it. I got up and headed to the ensuite to try and settle the sick feeling rising in my stomach and my pounding headache. I picked up my phone on the way and scrolled through music to play during my shower. I accidentally clicked on "My Contacts" and was about to exit when I saw a new name in my phone. Harry - he had put his number in my phone last night, the cheeky bugger. My head was a mess so I had a long shower to try and clear my mind. I put some foundation and mascara on once I was out, to try and make myself feel a bit better and threw on a pair of black high waisted jeans, white converse and an oversized grey hoodie. I came out to find Lily still asleep in her bed. I sat on the edge and shook her gently. "Lils, it's 9:30 i'm going to get some breakfast, you coming? We have to be out of here by 11am" I told her. She made a noise that meant no, her head buried into her pillow - so I sighed and headed down to breakfast by myself.

I thought breakfast was a good idea until I smelt all the food. I immediately felt sick again, so I got myself a coffee and sat at a table in the corner, trying to cure the headache I had. The dining hall wasn't that busy thankfully so it was nice and quiet. Well at least it was for 5 minutes. I heard the familiar irish voice again, retelling a story from last night, alongside other male voices which I guessed were the rest of One Direction. I kept my head down, my cheeks flushing from embarrassment about last night with Harry. It was a bit of a blur to be honest, but I was a mess in front of one of the most popular boys in the world. I thought the moment had passed when I heard my name being called from across the room. "Cara! Hey!" I looked up and saw Harry calling my name and waving from where he was standing. People turned to look at me as I shyly waved back. The other boys sat at a table whilst Harry jogged over to mine. "How're you feeling today?" he chuckled, gesturing to my large cup of coffee and no breakfast. "Okay, I guess" I lied to him through fear of more embarrassment. "Really? You don't look it" he said, which made me look up and gasp. "Hey hey, i'm joking!" He held his hands up in defence. "You were funny last night..cute" He smiled as he told me. I ignored the complement as I fiddled on my phone. "Oh, I saw you put your number in my phone last night" I held up my phone as evidence. "Yeah, well if you needed me how else could you have found me?" He smirked. "I was fine last night, you just decided to help me!" I exclaimed, finding my confidence. I never asked him to help me, and I wasn't about to be guilt-tripped about it. "Oh yes of course, you were fine..that's why I found you on your own throwing up in the bathroom and-" "Okay, okay!" I interrupted, not wanting to hear the whole story again. "Well, thank you very much for helping me Harry, sorry for being a nuisance" I thanked him. "You weren't a nuisance..I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to go out sometime for a coffee or something..?" Harry asked nervously. He was cute when he was nervous. Usually if a boy asked me out on a date i'd completely freeze up and scare them off, but there was something about Harry that made me comfortable around him. "Yeah okay" I nodded with a smile. "Yeah? Okay, i'll text you then" He grinned as he pushed his chair back and went back to the rest of the 1D boys, telling them something that made them all turn to smile at me. 



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